Court ALLOWS Guardian to force divorce after 42 years marriage

Barbara Hoffman’s husband was put under guardianship while in the hospital under going treatment. Lisa Rassmussen  a GAL put him under guardianship without any notice to Barbara, based on statements their angry daughter made after being arrested for stealing from her parents. His assigned guardian Stacy Bollinger is now forcing Barbara to divorce her husband of 42 years. The guardian is going to sell their house to pay for his care after already going through their savings. Ms. Rasmussen who is also listed on the WA State guardian site as a trainer for new guardians has been complained about repeatedly and Ms. Bollinger is mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article for mishandling her clients assets and overcharging. Nothing happened to either one. Superior Court Judge Gregeron has been handling her case and has refused Barb and Vic’s son guardianship over his father saying he believed the son could not be objective. We have to start making noise over the corruption in the guardian and court systems in the state of Washington. Please join us in support!

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