Abuse Stories

Washington state (CAIL

Vic Hoffman- Forced into guardianship  while in the hospital without his or his wife’s knowledge. Moved from his own high end river view condo to an adult family home with view of driveway. Barb Hoffman

Clallam County- Goofy GAL by daughter in Port Angeles

Robin Warjone- Senate report about forced Guardianship- Warjone, Robin

Vancouver WA guardian steal everything from competent woman-Stacey Bollinger GDN Vancouver: Wall Street Journal_ Abuse Plagues System of Legal Guardians for Adults – AAAPG

Snohomish County, WA- Guardian scandal Karen Weed –Sno county Sea Times- Weed and Crowe-Guardianship for her accident settlement

Doris Denney- Daughter wrongly accused-Sharon Denny w-Judson-Velatagui-New_Role-1

Who is protecting the Vulnerable? Adult Protective Agent (APS) ignores abuse in Kitsap county WA- Mark-Corpolongo in Times

Guardian (WSBA hearing officer) spends down her client’s millions and Guardian Board lets her continue-Lin O’Dell letter of reprimand- SnoCo Reporter

2014- 9 cases of abuse in WA written by Manager Office of Guardianship and Elder Services for Superior Court Judges’ Association Guardianship and Probate Committee- Why is nothing being done?  Bondon report- 2014 04 29 GPC SB 5694 Final

Guardian stated it was the “will” of the mother to be isolated- DEBBIE’s Mom

Guardians in Spokane become Beneficiaries- Wills in Spokane go to Guardian

Larry-Still being isolated and no money left- LARRY’S STORY – Kasem Cares   —->>Web-site>>   www.kasemcares.org/larry_s_story