Attorney General: Bob Ferguson and Governor: Jay Inslee

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We, the public, need to tell the stories of harm that has happened to us by WA state agencies under the color of law.

Now it is our turn. Tell your story. Expose corrupt conduct.
Stories of misconduct by WA state Office of the Attorney General and abuse of the public will get their own post which will allow for comments also. Limited help means it may take a few days. Thanks for contributing.

I have been threatened to keep quite and others have also. I was scared for years. Some of the victim of Washington state have lost everything because of fraud (lies about the law, misused of the law and lies about the accused) which has been perpetuated by the Office of the Attorney General and ignored by our governor.          We thank CASE-Abuse for loaning us this page and it’s related posts and pages. CASE-Abuse is for guardianship fraud stories, but you can’t stop guardianship fraud if the Attorney General and the governor ignore it.


Please just the facts concerning WA state government misconduct. NO bad words.

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