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Inslee and the money he “lost”

Unemployment fraud

COVID Unemployment fraud blamed on Scattered Canary. Ciber crime experts state that Scattered Canary took “as much as $4.7 million” for the whole country.

June 19:

What happened to the other $571.3 million?

Why isn’t the AG’s office looking into the other half a billion lost dollars?

Inslee states that the money went into out-of-state banks. This isn’t Romania. Banks operate across state lines, beside this is federal money the state “lost.”

Why are honest claimants accounts being locked as the states “recovers” lost funds? Taking money back from good claims is not recovery.

Senator Carlyle who had worked with the technology and chair the state technology committee said that he hadn’t seen much of a change to the system because of the reported flawed upgrade and that in a talk with senior officials at ESD they hadn’t discussed the fraud even after it was well under way and he found the unsettling.

August 10:

ESD is under by DSHS.

I have not had time to confirm that DSHS isn’t able to balance their check book, but based on what else I have seen going on, I believe those who told me that.

DSHS is the largest budget in the state. $13 billion from the state and nearly that much again federal funds. With federal funds that far exceed other state agencies.

Jay likes to spend money

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Bad purchase of face masks from China
Millions for no bid consulting firm- Seattle Times reports $5 million

What I see is someone who has been let off the lease. he started taking over the state by executive emergency order and now he is just giddy with doing what he pleases. There is no 8 month “emergency” issue. Why aren’t our legislators involved in governing our state?