Kitsap Court hurts seniors

It was unbelievable when I found out that a judge would lie and would lie in order to hurt a man who they were stating was vulnerable and could be abused. The judge Jeanette Dalton was the abuser while she sat there and invented abuse about me.

She lied that he had a Flomax prescription when he didn’t.

She lied that lack of Flomax caused him to wake up at night when a side effect of Flomax causes insomnia. She lied that NOT having Flomax would cause daytime sleepiness when a side effect of Flomax is day time sleepiness. She even claimed that I was abusing him becuase if he didn’t have the Flomax he could be sitting there with wet pants. He wasn’t and isn’t a helpless invalid. He could and can change his own pants.

She created a love affair between us. She called me so sexually alluring that I could make a Parkinson’s patient walk better just by being near him and because of that she discarded 50 testimonies of how caring and reliable and kind I was. Then she called me heartless with not a bit of affection in my because I didn’t clean his house. (I had proof that the house was very nice.)

Jeanette Dalton was an absolute lunatic inventing abuse that wasn’t even abuse.

Why? Because she wanted to turn the vulnerable man over to her friend to be his guardian. A friend who was already manipulating the VA as indicated by the records.