Guardian wants woman’s house- APS puts her on Abuse registry to get it

Tanna: Accused of stealing her fathers house and spending his money even though everything was done lawfully through a lawyer to get her dad on medicaid.
APS coerced mentally off sister into putting father into professional guardianship
They wanted to sell dad’s house to pay for guardianship “fees”
Problem: Tanna owed the house. A lawyer had helped deed the house to Tanna so that dad could qualify for Medicaid
APS tried to intimidate Tanna to deed house to father and calls Snohomish county sheriff to investigate
Sheriffs write a 150 page review of CC cards, bank accounts and the house showing no abuse
APS put Tanna on the abuse registry anyway
It is costing her endless attorney fees to get off the registry when she was already found innocent.
Any time APS is in court they are backed by the Attorney General’s Office. The AG backs state employee misconduct and accusations no matter how bad it is even if it opposes a police investigator report. The AG waste more tax dollars.

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