Attorney General requests Private Welfare records be public

The Office of the Attorney General requested the judge violate federal and state privacy laws by ordering the petitioner’s private SNAP and welfare records be made available to the public in a court case against DSHS. Welfare records are protected from the public by federal laws. The judge signs the order as requested by the AAG, making the Petitioner’s financial and medical documents available to the public.

View Petitioner’s court documents with AG request to unseal: proving that the WA Attorney General’s office violated federal laws.

We could make a reasonable assumption that 90% of the adult population in the USA could tell you that financial and health documents are covered by privacy laws. Most would say HIPAA covers it, but HIPAA does not cover government agencies. Welfare records have their own federal protection. Certainly every lawyer in the country knows that health and financial records must be protected in some way when filing them as a court records, so that they are not available to the public. Certainly every court in the country has some method of protecting private records from public view. WA state has several options. My records were supposed to be filed under GR-22. So the AG’s office requested to deny my request for sealing federally protected records. Instead the Attorney General wants them to be available to the public for viewing and copying. Why would make a judge sign an order that violates federal privacy laws? The petitioner only can imagine that there must be some sort of benefit the judge would get from the Office of the Attorney General for violating federal law or some sort of threat they he will be ruined if he doesn’t favor the AG. Certainly it is an act of intimidation by the Attorney General to make  sensitive private financial and medical records public.

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