Ferguson’s AAG lawyers have been lying for 7 years about me and the law-Violations of Due Process: I am guilty and have to prove innocence

Violations of Due Process and state laws and Constitutional right by Ferguson’s band of lying lawyers.

It is normal for Ferguson’s lawyers to lie in court. I am presumed guilty. I can’t have access to medical records that show I am innocent of some of the “denied him pills” accusations. I was not allowed Larry as a witness. He is now dead. The APS agent who accused me helped force him into a dementia ward where he was over-drugged. I am sure she was paid off and when I complained she put me on the  abuse registry.

My story has been written several times. Links will come soon- I have a lot of court to do. I have to represent myself. You cannot imagine how it feels when you are in court trying to prove yourself innocent and the lawyers from the Office of the Attorney General are there lying about the law and what I did and getting away with it. My life for the last 8 years has been like the MATRIX movie- I feel I swallowed the wrong pills. I thought there was justice if you told the truth and there is not. Ferguson and his band of lying lawyers have impoverished me and given me a traumatic stress disorder.

I have proved myself innocent at least 7 times and have had judges (at the request of the Attorney General’s office) throw out my perjury signed declarations, sign orders that violate state and federal laws, and accused me of all kinds of abuse that never happened and some statements don’t even make sense. Like you were Larry’s medical Power of Attorney (POA) and made and changed his appointments for him. That’s what a POA is supposed to do. I was charged with mental abuse because the APS agent states that Larry told him I was his girlfriend. I doubt it, but when a woman is charged with abuse because an old man states she is his girlfriend we can’t assume justice can be had.

Most importantly is that they lie about the law. RCW 74.39A.056(3) created the registry for long-term care-givers which is defined as only those who are licensed by DSHS for long-term care. I have never been licensed by DSHS for any reason and have never been a long-term care-giver.

What I have learned is how crooked WA state courts are. They are backed by the Office of the Attorney General (It’s been Ferguson for my enter trip through the underworld) and I cannot imagine with the outrageous rulings I have been getting for these last 8 years that my judges aren’t getting paid off or threatened.

Administrative Judge Sherry Clark-Peterson threw out my 6 day hearing, calling witness and submitting evidence out 3 months later because the Attorney General’s attorney stated that “Ms. Roach is obviously too guilty to deserve a hearing.” Sadam gets a hearing, but after I prove myself innocent I don’t get one.

I am submitting documents for everyone to read this weekend. I have a court case on November 9th at Kent location, King county Superior Court. Please come. I have won myself a jury case because the bailiff actually read my documentation that everyone (even Administrative hearing judicial reviews are Constitutionally allowed a jury) lawfully gets a jury.The Attorney General’s office is still trying to deny me a jury. 2 weeks to go.


Feb 2013- Notice I will be on the APS abuse registry in 30 days, Sept- Oct 2015- 1st Admin hearing, Dec 2015-Admin judge throws out my evidence declares I am too guilty to deserve a hearing, Jan-March 2016-DSHS Board of Appeals states I don’t deserve a hearing, May 2017- Thurston Superior court remands to Admin Court- “Ms.Roach obviously didn’t get a fair hearing”, Dec 2018- Admin hearing- I must be on the lifetime registry because I yelled at Larry once and she didn’t see my 44 pages of financial proof of innocence. DSHS BOA judge- I MUST be on the lifetime abuse registry for yelling once at Larry. May 2019- Appeal to King Superior court, June 2019- Superior court Judge McCulough rules I am too guilty to get a STAY to be off the registry while I wait for a hearing to see if I should be on the registry.

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