8 years and still fighting APS registry against the Attorney General lies

Jennifer goes on registry for trying to stop exploiter friend. Senior takes care of himself. He just needs a companion to help with exercise so he won’t decline and some house help
Jennifer was helping senior friend at his house live a great and active life but his “best friend in the whole world” wanted his money.
Jennifer calls APS to investigate. APS refuses to return call
APS helps abuser force Senior into a dementia ward and puts a VAPO on Jennifer
Jennifer finds that $2000 is missing from senior’s account
APS worker put Jennifer on abuse registry
OAH- Judge throws out a 6 day hearing 3 months after it is over and writes that Jennifer is too guilty to deserve a hearing
DSHS BOA agrees
Thurston court remands to OAH: Jennifer “didn’t get a fair hearing”
OAH- Judge states that yelling at someone even if there was no negative effect was abuse and that there were no financial documents to support not stealing, but there were 50 pages in the records
DSHS BOA agrees
Jennifer has proved
King Superior- Jennifer tries to get a Stay and judge writes an order stating that Jennifer is “too dangerous to be off the registry” before the hearing since she yelled once and they can’t find her 50 pages of financial records. This seems like a judgment of guilt before the facts are submitted
Jennifer has demanded a jury, but DSHS does not allow them in cases against DSHS and King judges back DSHS. She’s waiting to prove that no matter how innocent a person is, there is no getting off the APS registry.
After 8 years she is still trying to get a fair hearing

Disability Rights representative, David Lord, stated that no one gets off the APS registry. David Lord has been on the UW guardianship board and other boards involving vulnerable adult and guardianship laws.

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