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ABUSE of PROCESS- WA Attorney Generals lie about APS lifetime abuse registry

WA state Attorney General denies the accused a jury, lies about the law and lies about the accused.  No due process. You go one the registry first and have to appeal to get off it. The accused has to prove themselves innocent, no free attorney. The public has to represent themselves or pay over $100,000 in attorney fees to get off the registry. NO criminal conviction to be put on it. It is worse than the sex offender registry.   See :  Write up on APS registry and comparison with sex offender registry.

Assumed Guilty- Prove yourself innocent- Ferguson’s attorneys lie about the law and lie about the accused- No Due Process

Adult Protective Services Lifetime Vulnerable Adult abuse registry

7000 are on a LIFE TIME abuse registry who did not get a jury or a fair hearing

If you are on it, you didn’t get a fair hearing because the Attorney General’s office violates every constitutional protections allowed accused persons.

RCW 74.39A.056(3) registry codified vs RCW 74.34 used by DSHS to abuse the public.

The Attorney Generals will never mention the law which creates the registry RCW 74.39A.056(3). It is only for those people licensed by DSHS. The Attorney Generals will fight and lie using tax payer dollars to put everyone on it whether even if you are obviously innocent

See :  Write up on APS registry and comparison with sex offender registry. The sex offender is 5 years max for a criminal conviction and the APS abuse registry is lifetime based on the word of a social worker called an “APS agent” with no conviction at all.