Senior Trafficking by Stephen Thompson

Dear Washington State Leaders:

RE:  Exploitation, abuse and fraud against retired American workers and older adults under the guise of guardianship taking place throughout the country

Older, retired and defenseless Americans with financial assets are being put to their death in illicit guardianship courts that operate under color of law in order to steal their life savings.  Their families are being falsely imprisoned and retaliated for speaking up to expose these crimes against humanity.

These American citizens who have financial assets are targeted by rogue attorneys and guardians who strategically have these Americans declared “incapacitated” by their colluding medical providers as a justification to force defenseless adults into a guardianship nightmare – they are living adults in a system of probate laws dealing with the dead.   They lose all of their civil rights and liberties. They have less rights than death row prisoners.

In essence, they are incarcerated in undisclosed facilities.  Health Care agents designated by an elderly person in documents they have prepared are often cast aside or simply ignored and cases exist where Living Trusts and similar instruments, once thought impenetrable, are broken making room for the fee driven professionals / attorneys in a system with no checks and balances.  They are forcibly removed from their home.  Their family members are barred from seeing them on the basis of perjured false accusations against them by the predator attorneys and guardians who are financially extorting them.  Not only are the older Americans and retirees being terrorized, but their family members and others who expose this syndicate are also victims… they are being threatened, retaliated and falsely arrested.

When the money runs out, the American Taxpayers will pick up the tab for Medicaid, Social Security dollars and other applicable tax-payer funded programs. More often, when their funds are all gone, they are illegally chemically restrained with psychotropic drugs to cause their death.

These activities fall under the Federal Hobbs Act, Title 18 U.S.C § 1951.  They are a form of human trafficking under 22 U.S.C. § 7102 and similar state laws.  They are acts of tyranny, oppression and obstruction of justice of the worst form equal to homeland terrorism.

We have a litany of laws to protect our older Americans, including The Elder Abuse Victims Act, The Elder Justice Act, The Olmstead Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Senior Financial Protection Act and mirror laws of each state.  However, all these laws go out the window when an American adult is forced into guardianship because law enforcement ignores enforcement when criminal violations take place in a color of law court.

Because the guardianship ruse and crimes have been ignored by American legislators and law enforcement for years, it has proliferated into a wide-reaching syndicate of attorneys, judges, professional guardians, medical providers and state agencies who operate a business of murdering American workers and older adults to steal their assets through a simulated court process called guardianship.   They use an illegitimate guardian court to effectuate a false perception of legitimacy to conceal criminal activities.

Prominent cases like the Astor case in New York, the Anna Nichol Smith case and the Sumner Redstone case receive media attention and resolve, while the millions of cases of hard working every day middle class Americans are ignored.

This is the most insidious of crimes carried out in secrecy against our most vulnerable citizens.  This crime undermines every one of our inalienable rights and our core American values under the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  This syndicate that has taken control of our court system is doubly offensive – it engages in crimes of the most heinous nature and its operation under color of law is unconstitutional.

This is not a State issue.  The States themselves are the perpetrators of this crime.  It has become a state-sponsored and run operation with the citizens of every state being affected.  All of the Federal agencies are involved, Social Security Fraud, Health Care Fraud, Medicare Fraud, IRS Fraud for failure to report the income from this color of law operation, U.S. Codes are being violated and Federal Taxpayer Dollars are being used up.  This problem must be dealt with swiftly and forcefully with an arm of justice and with legislation and reform that had a nationwide reach and that has jurisdiction over Civil, Constitutional and Human Rights Issues.

You took an oath of office under Title 5 § 3331 of the United States Code to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and faithfully discharge the duties of your office.   However, millions of American families are being shattered by this simulated guardian court proceeding.

This country was based on the concepts of individual liberty and property rights. Guardianships destroy not only these freedoms, but also the spirit in which they were established.  Nothing is more sacred in our country and more protected by the Constitution than the protection of our families, our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to due process, religious freedom and freedom of speech.

Time has run out.  We have millions of older Americans and retirees who are in reckless endangerment and being put to death by guardianship torture and terrorism.  We have millions of older Americans who are barred from seeing their children and their families.  We have a problem of national epidemic proportion;  it must be fixed immediately.

We urgently seek:

1.      That you request a state of emergency be declared by the President to immediately remove the imposter judges who are perpetuating this atrocity and release the American citizens who have been imprisoned.

2.      That you request the President and Federal Law Enforcement to commence an urgent investigation of the judges, attorneys, guardians, medical providers and others who are parties to this syndicate.

3.      That you request the President sign an Administrative Order to eliminate guardianship.

4.      That each county designates an ADAA certified mediator to assist in the event of family disagreement regarding the care of their relative and there shall be no involvement by any court.

5.      That a federally based system be instituted to provide Federal funds for a county ombudsman to provide any needed assistance to an older adult only in the event they have no family members or if there is suspected abuse or exploitation by a family member or where family members are unable to agree on the care of their relative after they have sought assistance by the certified mediator.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Thompson


Boycott Lawyer Fraud

Cc:  Media, Activists and other interested parties

40 thoughts on “Senior Trafficking by Stephen Thompson

  1. Wow, I am shocked about the facts you have disclosed in your materials. It is real and systemic world wide. I am communicating from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I can not believe this type of elder abuse is happening in civilized countries in the western world. I recently came across a newspaper article where a 92 year old woman was victimized by the court system and her own lawyer in trust. This happened in Quebec City, Canada.

    My 83 year old mother died on February 1, 2017 under the care of my sister and the palliative care doctor. I got the toxicology report a few months ago and I was horrified to dis cover so many narcotics in my 83 year old mother weighing only 81 pounds at the time of her death. I lost my loving mother to narcotics that incapacitated her mentally and physically. My sister and the palliative care doctor targeted my mother to destroy her. She was denied food, overdosed with narcotics, got a infected bedsore and had massive bruise on her right wrist consist with a being physically restrained in her death bed. I took photos of my mother claw prints with the Hydrocodone leaving stain marks on her wall.
    I had been appointed to be the sole executor for the estate and the powers of attorney for care and finances. My mother did not want my sister in her house because she had robbed her of over $36,000.00 almost 1 year after the diagnosis of cancer. My sister robbed my dead mother of $9,000.00 the following days after she died.
    My sister got into the house to get my mother to make changes to her legal documents to have 3 beneficiaries removed to benefit her. Around the time the will was changed I saw a thumb print bruise on my 83 year old mother’s upper left arm. The police refused to investigate knowing my sister had a history of domestic violence. My mother’s palliative doctor had been told a few months by my mother “I do not want my daughter Belinda in my house because she stole over $36,000.00 from my bank”. My mother’s own doctor target my mother for death to control health costs and also financial abuses by my sister. I called for help and no one came to help my 83 year old mother.
    It was shortly after my sister got into her home and instructed my mother to take high doses of the Hydrocodone I lost my mother because she got confused and was sent to get her legal documents changed.
    I am a witness to 4 of my mother’s own lawyers destroying 2 of her wills because my mother appointed me as sole executor for the estate, care and finances. My mother suspected her lawyer Eduardo Marcos causing conflict in the written documents to cause further conflicts in the courts and therefore rewarding the lawyers.
    The probate scam stemmed from the guardianship scam. Even my mother’s funeral home Cardinal Funeral home participated to defraud her of $12,000.00 claiming the February 2, 2017 when I am a witness my mother had prepaid this funeral home almost 7 years earlier. My mother was held hostage at the funeral home for almost 3 weeks earning the funeral home about $140.00/day. I got a lawyer and the funeral home knew this and claims to have informed my sister’s lawyer. Apparently the funeral home directors participated with my sister’s lawyers over a 5 day period to make a false claim against my mother’s estate. They went to court and failed to contact my lawyer and I. I was served with a motion record 36 hours after a legal proceeding and the documents were delivered to my milk box on Saturday February 18, 2017 @ 1930 hours.
    It did not take long for me to discover the change in burial. Apparently my sister planned for me to discover on the day of my mother’s burial she would not be buried with me. See I was the single daughter and my mother’s best friend during 57 years of her life. June 2010 I watched my mother with pride and joy making and paying for her burial and funeral arrangements. My mother had arranged for her and I to be buried together. As my late father passed away in 1964 and was buried in Portugal. Belinda was able to get invoices passed to make it look like she had paid for these purchases and not my mother to charge the estate close to $40,000.00 when my mother prepaid.
    It is very disturbing to discover my sister law firm had target me immediately after my mother died because my personal identification of my birthdate were noted on the documents. I know now this is staged guardianship and probate scam the courts and lawyers thrive on.
    My own lawyers participated in scamming me because the would take large sums of money and refuse to do any work for me. I asked to have my sister removed as co executor so I could administer my mother’s estate without being paid and she refused. A few months went by and I discovered Belinda took 5 weeks off work and travelled to Portugal in an attempt to steal from my mother’s estate.
    During my sister’s holiday in Portugal I had to call the police with the concern of my mother’s home and I knew my mother needed to replace the roof August 2016. My own lawyers refused to help me get a key to the house and I had to ask the police for help. Upon entrance to my mother’s home I was horrified to see the state of my mother’s house towards the last few months of her life. I had been keeping my mother’s home clean and had been paying for her food. All of this taken away when my sister got into the home. I went upstairs to discover in the main bedroom closet a infestation of toxic black mould oozing out of the attic door. I paid over $1,000.00 to get the mould removed and get the house tidy. Apparently the whole house right into the basement was contaminated and I alone cleaned up while my sister was on a holiday. I discovered my mother’s death bed was directly under the mould infestation and she was breathing toxic black mould and this would explain why she did not cough when she was outside of the house.
    A month later I was summons to the probate court to be removed as executor. I opposed and this cost was the highest of almost $14,000.00 & $11,000.00 & I have ben ordered to pay the costs of the administration of the estate. This targeting started immediately after my mother died with the lawyers representing Belinda and my own lawyers also took large sums of money from me and did not do any work.
    The probate judge Pattillo spent 45 minutes writing 4 pages of nasty comments and repeatedly referred to me as being “reprehensible”. No justice Pattillo did not look at the evidence or listen to me speak. I am a witness the judgement was not written by Pattillo because the judgement was hand delivered by Belinda’s lawyer when the hearing started. I have confirmation from the probate court the judgements are drafted by the lawyers and not the judge. This seems to be a conflict of interest to all of us if the judgements are drafted by the opposing lawyer and not the judges. People need to know with this type of game there will be no justice in the courts.
    Apparently the probate scam is for the court to seize the property and have a trustee literally live off the estate. The probate scam literally resembles the guardianship scam and targets to destroy whatever monies the senior had to their name.
    In my case as I attempted to advocate for my late mother the lawyers and judges targeted me and threatened me with a court order to prevent me from speaking. I believe the court order would be putting me in prison to silence me as I now see this has been done. But I am a smart woman and know if I go to prison I will suffer the same fate as my 83 year old mother and all the others. And if I do not speak I still will suffer the fate of my 83 year old mother and all the others.
    I have good evidence and since the court room judges do not look at the evidences to provide justice I will be willing to share my story. I had been told court cases are not won by merits and are won by who the lawyer knows at the court house. I think my mother’s story could provide the knowledge and the encouragement for the laws to be reformed.
    Thank you for listening and thank you for sharing your stories.

    Flo Bajouco
    Toronto, Ontario

      1. I will provide the details to communicate and educate all about this massive corruption targeting seniors and their families. In my reporting I will expose the names of the players who victimized my mother and I for profit in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
        I am a witness to the involvement of 4 of my late mother’s lawyers who destroyed 2 of her wills because I was sole executor to administer the estate and I was appointed as her attorney for her care and finances. The names of my mother’s lawyers are Eduardo Marcos and Benjamin Marcos, Jane Harvey and Tam Nyguen in the city of Toronto, Ontario.
        Benjamin Marcos has documented he tore up the Jane Harvey will on November 1, 2016. It is very important to note Benjamin Marcos gets paid a fee as being the lawyer of the last will via probate.
        The November 1, 2016 was made against my mother’s wishes as Belinda documented in her journal ‘mom upset ? seeing Benjamin’.
        The November 1, 2016 will removed 3 beneficiaries to the estate and allowed Belinda to be involved in my mother’s care and finances. Not a good thing as Belinda has a long history of financial problems and debt.
        Everyone including my late mother’s neighbors and Dr. Paulo Mazzotta knew my late mother Carmelinda Bajouco did not want Belinda in her house because Belinda had been stealing from my elderly mother.
        I am a witness I heard my mother tell Dr. Paulo Mazzotta July 2016 “I do not want my daughter Belinda in my house because she stole over $36,000.00 from me”. I am a witness to my 83 year old mother being betrayed by her own legal and medical representation.
        The lawyers greed was motivated to milk the estate and I for legal fees as they enjoy the conflicts they cause. This stimulate the business, the economy and their pocket books.

        1. I will disclose important facts relating to my 83 year old mother’s medical conditions when she was taken to get the will changed November 1, 2016 by Belinda. My 83 year old mother was critically ill with systemic cancer, chronic pneumonia, sleep deprived and taking Hydrocodone cough syrup for weeks. My late mother was in the need of a left shoulder replacement for over 2 years. Belinda had been directing my frail and critically ill mother to take the large dose of Hydrocodone cough syrup to render her unable to use good judgement and the consequences of her decisions during the time of her being under the influence of Belinda to remove 3 beneficiaries and leave Belinda’s bad decision making negatively impacting my mother’s well being . I spoke to my mother early in November 2016 and found my mother to be confused. Belinda would not allow me to see my mother and I called the LAZY ASS POLICE badge # 3598 concerned about my mother being a victim of elder abuse as I had seen a bruise on my mother’s upper left arm. Belinda caused this bruise. This call was made on November 15, 2016. I again call the police and spoke to badge # 4988 Lowe and the police report # 2056596 on Sunday November 20, 2016. There was no investigation and the police have recently refused to provide me with a copy of the report.
          Belinda told me my mother was confused on November 15, 2016 and removed my mother from her house so I could not see her. This is called isolating the senior from the family so I was helpless and had to rely on the LAZY ASS COPS who did nothing to help my mother.
          I also called the Guardianship of Ontario with my concerns. I spoke to Sandy Parker and Bill Merrick who lied to me stating they would investigate November 21 2016. I found out 1 month after my mother died they did not investigate. I spoke to lawyers, pro life advocates and elder abuse centers and I will say it is all false advertising in Toronto’s elder abuse prevention. Elder abuse prevention is FAKE in Toronto, Ontario.
          The capacity assessor Anna Carrabau who is under the Attorney General’s office failed to do the assessment of her 83 year old client’s judgement. There are questions for the threshold of judgement in the seniors in order to get the legal documents so it can assess the judgement and understanding and the consequences of the changes to the documents. None of these questions were ever asked during the assessment. It was clear this assessor’s role was to get my mother to make changes and the report was guided and influenced by the Anna Carrabau for this purpose.
          This capacity assessor failed to document in her report my mother was on narcotics and fighting chronic pneumonia and the systemic cancer in her body. She also did not know about Belinda’s history but the Marcos lawyers who spoke Portuguese were well aware as my mother told me this very important fact.
          The Jane Harvey will was made before my mother’s long battle with the chemotherapy and was made to provide protection for her care and her finances but all of this taken away from her by her own greedy lawyers to generate conflict and stimulate their greedy pockets.
          Sometime in the month of August 2018 I discovered a medical report by Dr. Gary Moddell neurologist who saw my mother one year before her cancer diagnosis. My mother went to see Moddell because she was having dizziness and Moddell also notes in his assessment right hearing decrease. A test called EEG to trace the brain’s activity is abnormal in the right temporal part of the brain. The temporal lobe of the brain helps regulate hearing, balance, memory, decision and judgement . I am a witness to hear Moddell lie to my mother and I when he stated “All the tests are normal and you have anxiety”. Moddell also saw the cancerous lesion on her scalp and told her ‘ everything is normal and she is suffering from anxiety.’ This neglect and incompetence took away over 1 year for my mother’s right to health care. A few years later my mother and I could feel the cancerous tumor on the right side of her temporal lobe. My mother died on February 1, 2017 and she did not know about this fraud by her own doctor and I just discovered this report a few months ago.
          This abnormal area in the brain explains a lot of my mother’s symptoms and behavior I noticed towards the last few years of her life and if I only knew about this test being abnormal I would have not allowed my loving mother to fail victim and prey to the scams that have targeted us.
          My mother wanted all measures taken for her well being as she discussed this with me. The only thing she did not want was CPR if her heart stopped.
          My mother wanted to live as it was her decision to battle her cancer for over 3 years. My mother’s last CT scan showed the cancer had stopped growing and it had shrank. This was the first time we got some very good news July 2016. The only think I can think of during this time was my mother had refused to allow Belinda to have any contact with her for over 6 months. Belinda also had interfered by telling my mother not to have chemotherapy. My mother had the right to make decisions for herself and choose who she would trust to represent her when she could not. All of this taken away from my mother when she was drugged with narcotics and made to change her legal documents.

          1. During the months of September and October 2016 my mother repeatedly told me she did not want Belinda, Fatima and her daughter Andrea Heremengildo in her house because they were harassing my mother to change her legal documents to remove the 3 grandchildren from the inheritance. Fatima had asked my mother to disinherit me and this was done in my presence.
            I was told by my mother’s Portuguese speaking neighbor that Fatima had asked my mother to leave her house to Fatima. Fatima has over $20 million in property and they greedy porca was asking my 83 year old mother to leave her house to her. Fatima and her daughter Andrea should seek employment to entertain themselves because the slum landlord role is not lucrative enough for them if they need to target seniors .
            Fatima had a history of stealing from her elderly father large sums of money. Fatima attempted to steal $100,000.00 from her sister. See upon being rich and very greedy Fatima also has debt and targets the family for money. Fatima wrongly accused a personal support worker of stealing from her elderly father and this innocent woman was departed out of Canada. My mother had told me over the years “Your uncle died knowing it was Fatima who was stealing from him and not the personal support worker”.
            During the month of September 2016 Belinda and Andrea phoned the pharmacy to cancel my mother’s ensure. My mother complained to me “They are getting me to sign papers and I do not know what I am signing. I think I have signed my house away. Go down to the land registration to make sure I still own my property”. I told Dr. Mazzotta all of this and he failed to understand and chose not to keep his client safe.
            September 2016 I watched the 500 pound monster of human flesh Fatima Heremengildo physically assault my 83 year old mother. Fatima tried to get my mother to fall onto her kitchen floor. My mother stated to Fatima “Do not push me”. My mother weighed only 100 pounds and was under 5 feet.
            My mother and I were safe and in peace until the 3 family drunks Belinda, Fatima and Andrea targeted her to destroy her.
            Andrea wanted to take over my mother’s banking; but my mother was banking and paying her bills without the need of anyone to interfere.
            I was joint in my mother’s accounts and I never interfered with her banking. When Andrea realized I would not allow her to take over my mother’s banking she got Belinda into the house so Belinda could target my mother. Everyone knew Belinda was not to be involved with my mother’s care and finances.

  2. My 83 year old mother died on February 1,2017 and was pronounced dead at 2200 hours. Belinda never notified me of her until the following day after my mother’s body was removed from her home.
    During the last few months of my mother’s life I had been lied to by the authorities who told me they would investigate my concerns about my mother’s safety while Belinda was with her. See there were reasons why Belinda did not want for me to see my mother’s body in the house. I got to see the massive bruise wrapped around my mother’s right wrist. The right side of my mother’s skull was caved in. My mother’s right hand looked broken. I got to see this while my mother lay emaciated in her casket. My mother had starved down to 81 pounds. At this time I did not know about the infected bedsores on her sacrum and only found out many months later after I received the autopsy report. The autopsy report failed to report the massive bruise wrapped around my mother’s right wrist. The report did not speak about the condition of her right hand and skull being caved in.
    The coroner’s report did not mention the fall my mother suffered causing the decline in her condition. The report failed to note she was given many narcotics. I was very disappointed in the Ontario Coroner’s report as it was never signed. This report states the second coroner did not get to see her body because it had been returned to the funeral home. I had to work hard to get them to do the toxicology report because they refused. At this time I stated I wanted my mother’s blood sent to the USA for the toxicology testing. I did get the toxicology report December 15,2017 and I was horrified to see want my 83 year old mother in her 81 pound body at the time of her death. Dr. Pauto Mazzotta aggressively medicated my mother with narcotics for 3 weeks after she suffered a fall. Dr. Mazzotta documents my mother suffered a decline in health after the fall she had in the house 2 days earlier. After this fall there was never any assessments done on my mother to rule out serious injuries like a head injury or broken bones.
    Dr. Mazzotto should have never prescribed the Hydrocodone long term example of this was 4 months of the accumulation of this narcotic on a 83 year old mother who had a history of dizziness and falls in the home. The long term use of this narcotic impairs the central nervous system therefore causing harm to my mother. On the label of this medication a side effect would be dizziness. Why would a doctor be so careless as to compromise his patient?
    Mother did not cough when she was outside of the house. Can you imagine I angry I felt to discover my mother’s deathbed was right under the mould infestation in the attic. I got to see toxic black mould and white mould oozing out of the attic hatch. The whole house was contraminated.
    I hired 2 lawyers who were aware I had concerns about the roof leaking. They refused to advacate for me and presented me with large legal bills. I was told you will see the house with the realtor and therefore I now know the estate gets seized by the probate courts for their attorneys to live off the estate.
    Even your own legal representative participates in the fraud against you.

  3. More facts about the senior exploitation with my late mother’s funeral directors
    claiming she did not prepay her funeral. I am a witness to see my mother prepay her funeral June 2010. These players attempted to get me to sign a $12,000.00 contract her death. They told me she had not prepaid. I insisted that I witnessed her pay almost 7 years earlier and she did not owe any money.
    3 of the funeral directors at Cardinal Funeral home got lawyers with my sister and spent 4 days staging a false claim against my dead mother and I. Their names are James Cardinal, Aaron Battle and Mike Stanghi at the Cardinal Funeral home on Bathurst St. They held my dead mother hostage at the Cardinal Funeral home on Annette St. for almost 3 weeks earning $140.00/day.
    Mike Stanghi also real estate seller lied to me when he said my mother was looking very ugly. I screamed our “What have you donever to my mother? My mother was not an ugly woman. What have you done to my mother?”
    The funeral directors lied to me stating she was at Bathurst St. when she was being held hostage at the funeral home on Annette St.
    Now there are 2 contracts and the police stated to me Belinda will be double billing the estate claiming this cost.
    The judge in this false claim is Veronica Chiappetta who also is a judge at the probate court. This was staged to remove me as executor of the estate for the probate court to seize the estate.
    Veronica Chiappetta participated in this fraud as she knew no one can respond to a legal claim with less then 24 hours notice. The funeral directors knew I had a lawyer and never stated this in their sworn documents.
    Very important to note the coroner’s report confirms my mother’s body had been emblamed by the funeral home. But the funeral home staff lied to me stating they could not provide any service without my signing a contract of payment claiming the funeral had not been prepaid. My mother was a victim of fraud by the funeral directors who robbed her of a cheaper casket, attempted to take away her cross of Jesus that she had paid for and put a false claim against me to rob me of over $13,000.00. Like I have stated Veronica Chiappetta participated in the fraud.
    There are many players in the scams targeting seniors. They are vultures who the victims expect to be trustworthy.

    1. Judge Veronica Chiappetta participated in the fraud against my dead mother and I. I got to review a 2 page handwritten wish list providing my mother’s inventory and Belinda was to get everything. Veronica Chiappetta has climbed up the ladder as now she is at the probate court milking the estates.
      A few months later the probate court shyster Laurence Pattillo constructively removed as a beneficiary as I have been ordered to pay all the significant legal fees and bills. I will keep you posted with the numbers once I receive them.
      The seizure of my mother’s estate was illegal. I did not consent to the court appointed trustee. It was the probate court judge who removed me so they could seize and loot my dead mother’s estate.

      1. Murderers do not get the death penalty in Canada. But my 83 yearold mother did. My mother was drugged by narcotics and robbed of her life. I cannot understand why her Dr. Paulo Mazzotta would prescribe the narcotics which noted would cause dizziness. My mother had a history of dizziness and falls.My mother was 83 years old and weighed 100 pounds. The accumulative effects of narcotics would be lethal to a woman of my mother’s age and body frame.
        My mother did not get respect and dignity from the palliative care team.
        My mother was denied competent healthcare. She suffered a infected sacral bedsore while left to suffer neglect and abuse while in the care of Belinda Bajouco and the palliative care team.
        I requested my mother be put on a placement list for hospice care as I knew the waiting lists were long. The palliative care team repeatedly told me she would die in her house. I now know the reason for this was for the probate court scamming that was waiting for us in the courts to rob my elderly mother and l.
        My mother was left in dirty pissed and shit soaked diapers causing her skin to breakdown. My mother suffered the ultimate betrayal and elder abuse in her I own home. My mother’s money was to provide her with care and this was taken away by her own doctor.
        My mother’s money has been taken away to reward the court room mobsters because this is the law in Ontario.

        1. My late mother’s toxicology report detected all of the narcotics in her 83 year old body and she weighed only 81 pounds at the time of her death. There was Codeine, Acetaminophen, Morphine, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone. Methanol was also detected and was determined by the coroner to be from the embalming fluid. There were 4 bottles of Methanol windshield fluid in my mother’s garage. Belinda most have been manic when she got carried away with the purchase of 4 bottles of Methanol windshield fluid. These bottles were removed from the garage around the time I received this report. Everyone knew my mother did not want Belinda in her house. Everyone includes her lawyers, her doctor, family and the police.
          All of these medications combined were given to my mother and this was why she died. This is a toxic and lethal administration of medications to be given to any human being regardless of age or weight. No one should ever have all of this in their body.
          Belinda had told me 2 weeks before my mother died Dr. Mazzotta had stated to her “I am surprised she is still alive.”
          Dr. Paulo Mazzotta participated in harming my mother and he is the one who had my 83 year old mother make changes to her documents. This has been documented to the courts and this is proof my mother was influenced to have her legal documents changed.
          My mother was targeted by her own doctor to control health costs.
          Dr. Mazzotta participated in prescribing Hydrocodone which should have been used for 14 days and my 83 year old mother was directed to take the larger dose . Belinda directed my mother to take the 5 ml every 4 hours instead of 2.5 ml every 4 hours. This was done for 3 weeks before she took my mother to see the lawyer to remove 3 beneficiaries to benefit herself for a larger inheritance.
          At the beginning of November 2016 my 83 year old mother was confused. My mother at this time weighed only 100 pounds and was less then 5 feet tall in height. The label on this medication clearly states ‘can cause dizziness’. My mother had a history of falls and lived alone. This type of medication should not have been given to a 83 year old woman with a history of falls. It is the doctor who is responsible for outweighing the harm and not the patient.
          It is very interesting when the guardianship seizes control there is a doctor involved. My story is consistent with the cases that have been reported.

  4. The senior who was victimized by the guardianship scheme in Quebec, Canada was Veronica Piela. The players in the guardianship scheme were a doctor, lawyer and social worker. I did read the article in the Montreal Gazette dated December 17, 2015 which did a very good reporting about this case of elder abuse involving the court and the staged guardianship of this senior.
    The accused broke into this woman’s home twice and the police were called. The police did not serve and protect as they continued to target and steal from this woman. I would have expected the police to lay charges against the accused to stop this criminal behaviour. The police did not serve and protect as the accused continued to target this senior and financially destroyed her and left her hostage in the basement of a restaurant.
    The accused were charged of the defrauding this victim between 2013 and 2014 only after this story was exposed to the public via press was action taken.
    This story was staged and targeted by the players identical to your case stories and my story about my late mother Carmelinda.
    In my mother’s story 4 of her lawyers and her own doctor targeted her a few months before her death.
    The Toronto police refused to help my mother. The police refused to do a police report when my mother complained about Belinda stealing from her in 2013 and my mother made a complaint to the police when Belinda stole the deed to her house. The police refused to help my mother to stop Belinda from targeting her.
    The police refused to do a police report when I showed them the evidence of Belinda stealing from my dead mother immediately after she died. I tried to make a criminal complaint to the criminal court at Old City Hall and the judge Johns refused to look at the evidence and refused to commence a criminal proceeding to stop Belinda and hold her accountable. Because of this neglect by the courts and the police Belinda robbed my dead mother and I of $6,200.00 in a account in Portugal September 2018. I believe Belinda used my late mother’s personal PIN # to clean out this account. This account was to be maintaining my late father’s burial in Portugal. This account was not to be robbed by Belinda and the courts of Ontario for profit.
    At the probate court hearing on April 2018, I begged and pleaded Laurence Patillo to not encourage Belinda as she will continue to target me, her children and her patients. Patillo showed no respect for my late mother and I as he continued to encourage Belinda and her lawyers to rob my mother and I. This is not justice. This is corruption and fraud in the courts who are to be representing law and justice.
    Patillo accepted a false claim by the funeral home and Belinda to continue to victimize us. Case law is fraud and staged to rob us by holding us hostage in the courts and milking the families with legal fees.
    Shame on the courts when they do this to grieving family.

  5. Everyone look at the shame happening in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is a freak show as the exposure of Ontario government officials involved in sexual harassment and abuses get called out. Perhaps the courts in Canada should have been prosecuting criminals instead of victimizing victims. The courts wrongfully accuse the victims. Can you imagine judges telling victims to keep their knees together. You tell and teach the accusers to “Keep your hands off the victims”. Shame on the CanadIan courts.
    I will go on to expose many players right into the highest court of Ontario involved in putting writs of seizure on property earning their players high interest rates by fraud. My personal example will be Cindy or is she Cynthia or maybe she is Caroline Green a former neighbor who committed perjury and fraud wrongly accusing me of her basement floodings. Many players involved including my own legal representation to rob me of large amounts of money.
    This crook now lives in Collingwood targeting others to rob them.
    Welcome to Ontario, Canada. We are open for business. We want you dead or alive.
    The law society states to me their members can steal and lie and this is legal. They have refused to put this statement to me on paper.

    1. America we need to boycott lawyer fraud = judges.
      My late mother Carmelinda Bajouco was a very good mother and a honest woman. My mother never took money or stole from her daughters Belinda and I.
      My mother had prepaid her for her funeral and burial June 2010 and did not have any money owing. With every funeral scam there is a complimentary burial scam in Ontario.
      On Sunday October 9, 2016 a few days after my mother’s diagnosis of pneumonia I knew this may be a difficult illness my mother may have difficulty recovering from. I paid a visit to York Cemetery. The staff denied my mother having a burial plot and only upon my stating I would be calling the police did Simon she does have a burial plot at York Cemetery.
      I was present when my mother had prepaid in June 2010 and I now knew the cemetery was targeting grieving families for profit.

      1. On July 3, 2018 I did a demonstration on Yonge St. Toronto to advocate for my late mother. Here is what I had to say ‘Please help me find my dead mother and cemetery fraud”.
        I was up early that lovely summer morning. I was now in an active pursuit to communicate and educate the city of Toronto about cemetery fraud.
        All of those people on the busy trains getting themselves to work would see me and my sign. I want them to know what is waiting for them as they work good and hard for their futures and how the system of greedy piggies are waiting to rob them of the very dignity and respect they have worked hard for all of their lives.
        My demonstration up and down Yonge St. may have lasted about one hour.
        The cemetery staff asked me to come in to their office to talk because what I was doing would not be good for the business.
        Heather Weir confirmed my mother paying for her monument and arrangements were made to return the courtesy monument to my mother.
        At the burial site of #605 Heather and I got into a heated disagreement. Heather repeatedly told me it had been Belinda who paid for my late mother’s burial and she used her credit card. I disagreed. I was finding contradiction with the facts of payment to the cemetery again. I told Heather it was my mother who paid Mt. Pleasant cemetery as a CIBC bank investigation shows a draft made by my mother for almost $26,000.00 dated December 5, 2016. The scams of a life time do not stop.
        My mother paid for her burial and she better be lying in the burial hole section D that costed her $26,000.00
        More discussion by Heather claiming my mother’s money is to be kept in trust. I stated my mother’s money is for service and not to be put into someone’s pocket. Heather was refusing a permanent marker for my mother’s burial plot.
        Eventually these cemetery people left . I admired my mother’s memorial garden as it was thriving with beauty. As I glimpsed over to the photo of my loving parents I witnessed a beautiful white butterfly emerging from the ground. This beautiful white creature flew up to my eye level and I watched it stop and turn it’s head to me. Our eyes met. This beautiful white creature spent many minutes looking at me as if saying ‘Thank you’.
        I now knew the true meaning of the poem written by William Wordsworth’s life lessons: splendour in the grass bring with you a heart that watches and receives. My loving mother was thanking me for the return of her courtesy plaque.

  6. During the month of September 2018 I read a newspaper article showing a link between Mt. Pleasant cemetery, the Attorney General of Ontario and the public guardianship.
    I now know the exploitation and the fraud targeting seniors is massive.
    The public guardianship rapes the seniors of their assets when alive and this includes the liquidation of any funds if they had prepaid for their funeral and burial.
    The probate court upon the seizure of my late mother’s estate also includes the seizure of her burial plot. This burial plot investment has a value of $26,000.00. The court appointed trustee is the decision maker and the owner of the burial ground #605 section D at Mt. Pleasant cemetery in Toronto.
    My late mother was never buried in the hole she paid for. My mother was lowered into the hole with a lift and the straps were never removed. I took pictures of this. I am accusing the staff of lifting my mother out of the burial hole after we left. What have they done to my mother? Where is my dead my mother? I stated with every funeral home scam there is a complimentary scam in the province of Ontario.

    1. I discovered yesterday there was more fraud by Cardinal Funeral home. Aaron Battle lied to me and denied Belinda made any payments out of her pocket to the funeral home. I have reviewed 2 bills paid by Belinda for almost $1400.00 when the funeral home held my mother hostage. This funeral home has scammed my late mother of $500.00 for the limo and over $1,100.00 by giving her a cheaper casket. The total amount of fraud = $3,000.00. They also attempted to rob my late mother of a $40.00 cross of Jesus Christ that my mother purchased June 2010.
      I advocated for my mother and they gave her the cross.
      I now I have to wait for the rest of the accounting because the court appointed trustee has locked the documents for me to review.
      Do not prepay as you and your family will be victimized as we were. The probate scam starts immediately after the death of the senior and targets to remove the executor so the court can seize the assets of the deceased.
      The funeral directors attempted to get me to sign a contract claiming my mother had not prepay. When they realized I witnessed my mother prepay her funeral they spent 4 days conspiring against me with the Mark Ross lawyers and placed a massive amount over $10,000.00 against me and my dead mother.
      Aaron Battle knew I had a lawyer and did not tell the judge. Aaron Battle knew Belinda had told him to participate in the do not tell Florips about the change in the burial she made December 2016 when my 83 year old critically ill mother was confused. Aaron Battle did not tell the judge about Belinda’s behaviour .
      My mother was to be buried with me .

      1. It is now time for me to disclose the names of the three beneficiaries Belinda had removed from the will to benefit herself. They are my loving mother’s grandchildren Matthew, Christopher and Melissa. These 3 grandchildren gave my mother so much joy, love and companionship. Belinda’s greed is out of control when she prefers to see the estate fall victim to the legal mobsters and allow the destruction of my late mother’s estate to be given away.
        The estate belonged to my mother and not to Belinda, Mazzotta or the court room thieves to exploit my late mother and I. My own mother’s lawyers destroyed to wills because I was sole executor. My mother asked me to be her witness in the of 2012.

        1. I have made many attempts to get some accountability for the fraud and exploitation my late mother and I have suffered with so many barriers to justice. I contacted the Ontario Authority of Bereavement who have refused to investigate the fraud in their industry.
          The scam upon the seniors is so elaborate when the courtroom judges participate.
          I made a contact with Sindur November 2018 relating to the refusal of Mount Pleasant placing a identification marker on the burial. This is what he said to me “Your mother will not get a burial marker and your sister gets to keep the money. I was horrified to hear what he said to me. I made it clear my late mother paid for her marker and is entitled to have it placed for identification and the honor and dignity she deserves. Sindur repeatedly stated to me your sister will keep the money and your mother is not entitled to her marker.

          1. I just got some information relating to the dates and the costs Cardinal Funeral home charged my dead mother and I am the one who will be burden with this payment. The total cost is $1276.90. The dates are February 6, 2017 Belinda paid $678.00 and March 1, 2017 Belinda paid $598.00. I did mention the funeral room had removed $500.00 for the limo and gave my mother a cheaper casket with the loss of over $1,100.00 literally robbing my mother of what she had prepaid for June 2010.
            It is important to know my mother died on February 1, 2017 in the pm and Cardinal was at the house the following day to pick up the body on February 2, 2017.
            The funeral home starting embalming the body immediately that day because this was confirmed by the Ontario Coroner’s office in their report. The coroner went to the funeral home that evening to get her body.
            It is very important to note the payment of $678.00 was given to the funeral home 4 days later and this is a red flag as this cost is not justified.
            Belinda refused to cooperate and give me a copy of my mother’s will therefore Aaron Battle came to my home on Sunday February 5, 2017 with a copy of the will.
            Aaron Battle withheld all of the other documents from me to review.
            This elaborate scam that I will expose stems from the funeral home wanting me to sign a contract of payment claiming my mother had not prepaid. I had witnessed my mother prepay June 2010 because I was with her and I do have copy of the money being removed from the account as I was joint with my mother.
            Aaron Battle told me Belinda had made purchases and therefore I need to sign a contract of payment. I told Aaron for Belinda to keep the purchases she made for her own funeral because my mother had made her purchase and paid for this almost 7 years earlier.
            I was told to get a lawyer at the end of this week. I hired Joseph Lemire to represent this dispute and he contacted Aaron Battle in my presence on Monday February 13, 2017. Mr. Lemire asked Aaron if Belinda had a lawyer and Aaron said “no”. Mr. Lemire told Aaron to provide my lawyers contact information to Belinda’s lawyer. Mr. Lemire told Aaron Battle to fax him all of the documents to him including the contract relating to my late mother. Aaron Battle faxed over the death certificate with the incorrect date of her death and the funeral home refused to give me a copy of the death certificate with the correct day of her death. Aaron Battle did not give my lawyer or I a copy of the contract.
            On the very same date February 13, 2017 I have legal documents showing the funeral directors were commencing a claim against me stating I was refusing to sign off on the contract but they withheld the contract from me and my lawyer. I have detailed information showing the 3 funeral home directors communicating with the Mark Ross law office over 4 days and never did they state I had a lawyer. These funeral home directors literally participated in a fraudulent claim against to be financially rewarded. The cost of this scam was substantial indemnity at $10,968.13 and remove me as executor of the estate for Belinda to be in total control.
            I and my lawyer were never served with a notice of this motion hearing and on February 17, 2017 Belinda and her lawyer were in correct to win a claim because I was not there to defend myself.
            I never did get the notice of this hearing. 36 hours after this hearing someone left a motion record in my milk box at 1930 hours on Saturday February 18, 2017. this motion record did not have my address and was not even in an envelope.
            I have many concerns about the judge Veronica Chiappetta who states ‘although properly served because the notice was left in my milk box’. Why would she state this because I was never served the notice of the hearing and it was not placed in my milk box ever. I did have a mailbox on my property by the way. My lawyer confirms all of these facts in his letters to me.
            Chiappetta should have know it is impossible for anyone to respond to a hearing with less then 24 hours notice as I have a right to retain legal counsel.
            Many months later I reviewed 2 pages of hand written documents requesting Belinda gets the right to all of my mother’s inventory. I call this Belinda’s wish list and she was able to get what she has wished for.
            This was a staged scam that ends up costing me another indemnity at $13,297.76 therefore the total = $24,265.89 literally defrauding my late mother and I.
            This is a very good example why my mother did not want Belinda involved in her life and death.

  7. I did contact Carrie Smith the CEO and registrar of the Bereavement of Ontario many months ago relating to all of this fraud and he did not respond. I have also communicated with Sindur Siva who has refused to investigate and has refused to provide me with a paper trial.
    It was very disturbing when Sindur stated to me “Your mother will not get a marker and Belinda gets to keep the money”. There is evidence my mother paid for this marker and therefore she is entitled for identifying her burial ground. This is how the industry treats their customers and the grieving family.
    I now know my mother is not buried in the burial plot because all of them have refused to provide her with the service and dignity she paid for and the identification of her burial ground.
    I will also tell everyone the burial spot my mother bought 2 months before she died was registered to Dobson. What have they done to Dobson? Where is Dobson?
    My mother had prepaid her burial at York Cemetery June 2010 when she was well.
    Veronica Chiappetta was not told about this fact but the 3 funeral directors were aware and never told her in their sworn testimonies to the court. Aaron Battle did not tell Chiappetta, Belinda had told him not to tell me about the change in the burial and she had planned for me to find out about this change on the day my mother would be buried. I am horrified what all of these people have done to my mother and I and the rest of the family.
    The time Belinda got my mother to make this massive purchase of $26,000.00 my mother was very ill and confused because of the narcotics. This is 2 months before she died.
    Belinda claims to have a husband therefore she should have been making funeral and burial arrangements for him and her and not for my mother. My mother had made her arrangements and paid for this almost 7 years earlier when she was well.
    The probate court judge Lawrence Pattillo got to hear all of these facts and saw the evidence and repeatedly referred to me as “reprehensible”. Pattillo got to see Belinda’s arrest record, evidence of Belinda stealing from my mother when she was alive and dead. This despicable and horrible old man Laurence Pattillo states I am “reprehensible”.
    Pattillo also documents I was in agreement with the court appointed trustee Angelique Moss which was not true. Pattillo gives her immunity from any liability.
    I got to review more legal decisions by the probate court and the same language is used referring to the family member of the deceased as “reprehensible” to legally remove the family for the court to appoint their trustee.
    Pattillo also states I will have to pay the legal costs of the administration of the estate because this is what the Ross lawyers who wrote the decision asked for Belinda.
    The decisions are made by the lawyers who did the application and not the judge. It is all staged and fraudulent. These cases were won by the lawyers to maintain their legal practices and were not won by the evidence and the facts. And to help Belinda because she is financially incompetent.
    This was staged and made to destroy me with the legal costs because I had to pay my own 2 lawyers massive legal fees and the costs of this fraud.
    There was evidence I hired a lawyer named Shael Eisen who specializes in settling the estate and Belinda refused to cooperate with the settling of the estate. She continued to destroy my mother and I. Belinda also robbed her 3 children from their inheritance to benefit herself. Belinda is very greedy and mean.
    The funeral home fraud started immediately when they could not get me to sign a contract of payment claiming my mother had not paid. They lied to me and stated they could not provide any service until I sign the contract of payment but the coroner’s report confirm Cardinal Funeral home had embalmed my mother on February 2, 2017. This scam must be revealed to the world as there could be nothing more low down and dirty as my mother’s own representatives destroying her and her grieving daughter.
    Pattillo the probate court judge has a responsibility to the deceased and their families and he was an embarrassment and a shame to me.
    During my 45 minutes of my testimony I witnessed Pattillo spend all of this time writing 4 pages of nastiness about me when I attempted to advocate and protect my late mother and her estate. Shame on you old man.

    1. Laurence Pattillo wrongly accuses my lawyer Mr. Lemire of being responsible for the mistakes made. There was no evidence documented or discussed for him to wrongly accuse my counsel for the scams upon my dead mother and I.
      I need to correct the names of the judges as I have realized a mistake.
      The probate court judge is Laurence Pattillo and Chiappetta is Victoria not Veronica.

      1. I have recently been able to confirm the evidence that Cardinal Funeral home committed fraud on my late mother and I. This confirmation is based on the almost $700.00 paid out to the funeral home from Belinda on Monday February 6, 2017 to keep my 83 year old dead mother in storage at another funeral home on Annette St. Many miles away from the funeral home on Bathurst. This cost is to keep her in storage for 5 days .
        During all of this time Cardinal Funeral directors withheld the funeral contract from my lawyer and I. I went to see Aaron Battle and Andrew Cardinal during this period and they refused to show me the funeral contract .
        During all of this time the funeral home staff lied to me stating my mother was at Bathurst St. funeral home storage when she was held hostage at the other funeral home. This deceit went on for almost 3 weeks and earned the funeral home over $1,200.00. This scam was done because the funeral home lied to me stating I had to pay a $12,000.00 funeral contract claiming my mother had not prepaid. But she prepaid June 2010 and had no money owing and I witnessed this and I have the paper trial of the payments.
        The fact Belinda provided fees to keep my mother in storage for another 5 days and knowing my mother was at Annette St. is very disturbing to me and the other family members. She was involved in the scam against her mother and I.
        The funeral home scam my late mother and I who was a daughter, an executor of the estate and a beneficiary to the estate who I had a legal right to know the truth about my dead mother’s location and a legal right to see the contract dated June 2010 that belonged to my mother.
        The week of Monday February 6, 2017 they looked for a lawyer to participate in this scam and on Monday February 13, 2017 I have evidence 3 of Cardinal’s funeral directors: James Cardinal (the owner), Aaron Battle, and Mike Stangi immediately that day until Friday February 17, 2017 started their participation in a fraud against my late mother and I.
        During this week Aaron Battle lied to my lawyer Joseph Lemire stating Belinda did not have a lawyer when he knew she did. Aaron Battle refused to give my legal counsel a copy of the funeral contract of my late mother when this had been requested by my lawyer and I repeatedly. My lawyer confirms this in his letters.
        During the week of February 13, 2017 Aaron Battle repeatedly lied to me stating Belinda did not have and lawyer but the documents to the court confirm all of these funeral directors conspiring with the mark Ross lawyers to commit a fraudulent crime against the estate of my dead mother and I.
        They robbed my dead mother and I over $30,000.00.
        This conspiracy involved Belinda Bajouco as she refused to give me a copy of the will and the funeral contract. Belinda went shopping at the funeral home and wanted my late mother to be burden with the costs.
        This story is the very reason why Belinda was not mentally fit to be involved in my mother’s care or finances and why Belinda was not to be on her legal documents because of Belinda’s own financial neglect and financial abuses in her own life.

        1. The sworn testimony from James Cardinal who is the owner of the funeral home to the court is interesting. I have no idea why he would be involved as he never spoke to me or saw me at the funeral home to discuss or be involved in this dispute. I would think to protect the integrity and the reputation of his business perhaps he should have made an effort to contact me and have me go to see him to resolve the dispute but you see this was all staged as they got almost $700.00 from Belinda ( my mother and I) and held my dead mother hostage at another funeral home across the city. The funeral home gets rewarded with another $600.00 on March 1, 2017. I and my dead mother pay for this. What a way to run a business?
          My late mother and I continued to be victimized for $11,000.00 that went to Mark Ross lawyers and months later Mark Ross lawyers got another $14,000.00. I will bet this law firm is associated with the funeral home and this is how the run their business.
          But there were no damages for all of this money to be taken from my mother and I. This was not justified as they literally staged a scam with the funeral home to victimize my late mother and I for their profit.
          Belinda got rewarded as now she was in control of my mother’s estate. Belinda succeeded in removing 4 beneficiaries and rewarding herself.
          My mother’s own representation were involved in victimizing my late mother. Dr. Paulo Mazzotta knew Belinda had robbed my elderly mother March 2012 of over $36,000.00. He knew I had been appointed as sole power of attorney for my mother’s care and finances years earlier before my mother’s long battle with chemo for her cancer. How could a doctor intentionally victimize his own client. This was done to cause the conflict that has happened and has been exposed in the case stories from the Coalition of Elder Abuse. Our stories are similar in pattern and reveal the targeting of the seniors for profit into their pockets. This systemic scams involves a doctor and lawyers who are legally entitled to victimize seniors because they get immunity from the law. Narcotic are used to take control over the senior and exploit them for profit. Do not let Dr. Paulo Mazzotta into your home or near a family member. You and the patient will not be safe. My mother was confused at the beginning of November 2016 and I know it was because of the high doses of narcotic given to her during this time taking of her mind and being influenced to benefit Belinda.

          The other player was Benjamin Marcos my mother’s own lawyer who tore up the Jane Harvey will because I was sole executor of the estate and had been appointed attorney for my mother’s care and finances. Benjamin Marcos also knew 3 beneficiaries were being removed to benefit Belinda.
          Benjamin Marcos had been a witness to the 2010 legal documents drafted by his father as his signature were on the 2010 documents. My mother told the Marcos lawyers Belinda was mentally unfit and irresponsible to be over seeing her estate.Benjamin Marcos therefore was well aware of my mother’s reasons for what her wishes were and they were to protect her and her estate. In the 2010 will if I could not fulfill the roles of the powers of attorney or executor of the estate my mother appointed her older grandson Matthew Bajouco Tavares to protect her and the estate. The Jane Harvey will and the other Eduardo Marcos will confirm the identical content and they were both destroyed by my mother’s own attorney at law to cause conflict and destroy her and I.

          I will confirm my mother was under the influence of Belinda and Dr. Mazzotta to get her legal documents to benefit Belinda personally. The Benjamin Marcos will on November 1, 2016 about 3 months before my mother died was made against her wishes as my late mother told me this . I called the police and the authorities for help and they refused to help my 83 year old mother. It was documented by Belinda on November 1, 2016 ‘mom upset because she is seeing Benjamin’.
          Belinda denied any changes made to my mother’s legal documents and kept my mother isolated from me and the rest of the family so my mother could no longer communicate about what was happening to her under the control of Belinda. The family here and in Portugal are not happy because Belinda prevented my mother from communicating with them towards the last few months of her life.
          While I was with my mother my family here and Portugal are witness my mother communicated with them right up to October 2016 until Belinda starting threatening me and I had to run for help.
          Right into October 2016 my mother repeatedly stated “I do not want Belinda in my house. She spent 2 nights and slept over against my wishes. I do not want your sister in my house’.
          My mother also stated she did not want the 2 cousins Fatima and Andrea Heremengilido in her house and everyone in the family including the family in Portugal knew this fact and my mother’s neighbors.
          Dr. Mazzotta is a liar and states during this time my mother wanted these people in her house. I believe my mother and I do not believe Mazzotta.
          The cousins Fatima and Andrea Heremengikldo had to play doctor and nurse during the month of September and October 2016 because the palliative care nurse and doctor neglected my 83 year old mother. Fatima told me she was going be administering medication that was prescribed to her own mother and give it to my mother. These 2 incompetents starting bringing in equipment addressed to my aunt to start giving treatment to my mother. I told them they were not to provide any medication or treatment to my mother. The horror can not be explained when you have 2 woman weighing 500 pounds each constantly interfering and crossing boundaries. Can you imagine to be seeing a total of 1000 pounds of monster of human flesh constantly interfering with issues that they are not entitled to and further compromise an 83 year old woman without knowing her state of her health.
          On October 6, 2016 by this date I knew my mother had a pneumonia and had urged to with her to the ER and she was refusing. I told Andrea my mother has a pneumonia and Andrea stated she did not. Both her and her mother Fatima told my mother she did not have a pneumonia when she did causing my mother not to trust me. The following day on October 7, 2016 Dr. Paulo Mazzotta diagnosed my 83 year old mother with aspirational pneumonia . My disappointment and disgust with the palliative care team must be exposed. See I hold told the registered nurse a few weeks my mother has an infection and she never made contact with the doctor to see my mother. The nurses had ongoing communication and documentation since the end of August 2016 my mother’s decline in her health and the doctor was aware of this and did not show up until October 2016 after I made a phone call to him. I told the RN my mother was infected and was having chills weeks before the diagnosis of the pneumonia and weeks went by and Mazzotta did not see her.
          I will also say my mother went to Mt. Sinai ER and was seen by a doctor who lied to her and said “There is nothing wrong” when she had an pneumonia. See here in Toronto healthcare is not a right to seniors and therefore they suffer the ultimate neglect. A good example of this was my mother having uterine cancer for 30 years and this was withheld from her.
          Sometime in September 2016 the palliative care nurse brought into my mother’s house narcotic and my mother had no idea what was being brought into her home.
          The fact is my mother’s oncologist July 2016 noticed a decline in my mother physically and mentally. Why would Dr. Mazzotta knew these facts and would want to destroy his own patient when he knew my mother was stating “I do not know what I am signing” at the end of September 2016. When I arrived at my mother’s home on Friday October 7. 2016 my mother did participate in the discussion with Belinda and Mazzotta . When Dr. Mazzotta and Belinda left my mother stated “I did not know that”. My mother had no idea what the consequences of what Belinda got Mazzotta to sign meant to her future. Dr. Mazzotta refused to tell me what were the documents he signed for Belinda knowing about Belinda’s total mental history and finances. See it was just a few months earlier my mother told Mazzotta on July 2016 “I do not want my daughter Belinda in my house because she robbed me of over $36,000.00 from my bank account”. I told Mazzotta I saw the bruise on my 83 year old mother’s upper left arm at the end of October 2016. He knowing all these facts continued to allow Belinda to be involved in my mother’s care. Mazzotta also gets to see proof of Belinda’s stealing from my dead mother immediately after she died . The total was $9,000.00 until the account was frozen by the bank as I alerted CIBC. The CIBC woman who froze the account was the same woman who my mother told her about Belinda stealing from her March 2012 a massive amount of over $36,000.00 from my elderly mother . Everyone knew Belinda was not to be involved in my mother’s care and finances including Mazzotta and 4 of my mother’s own lawyers who were Eduardo, Benjamin Marcos Portuguese speaking and Tam Nyguen and Jane Harvey who have denied the Jane Harvey will existed. But this will did exist as Benjamin Marcos confirms tearing up the Jane Harvey will. Belinda confirms to the court, Victoria Chiapetta the Jane Harvey will was torn up by Benjamin Marcos because I was the sole executor of the estate. A will made by my mother before she started her many years of chemotherapy destroyed because Belinda and Mazzotta influenced my mother a few months before she died. A will destroyed to remove 3 beneficiaries to benefit Belinda for a larger inheritance.
          I will also say I was told by a lawyer Benjamin Marcos had no right to tear up the Jane Harvey will. He should only write revoked over the Jane Harvey will. See Benjamin Marcos was also greedy he made over $400.00 for the November 1, 2016 and gets to profit as the lawyer who executes the last will via probate court. It is about the money the scums of life make and preying upon seniors when they are most vulnerable.
          I consulted with a lawyer who stated “Your mother’s legal documents should not have been changed when she was under palliative care”.

          Victoria Chiappetta also well aware of 2 funeral contracts in the motion record and the fact Benjamin Marcos tore up the Jane Harvey will because I was to be the sole executor of the estate should have awaken her to the reality something was wrong with this claim meaning this crime.
          No one can be so incompetent as to document ‘although properly being served because the notice of motion was left in the mail box’ . This is far from the truth as there was no notice of motion left in my milk box or on my property or in my mail box. I do have a mail box on the property. There was never a notice of this motion hearing left with my lawyer has Aaron Battle and the Mark Ross lawyers knew I retained a lawyer to deal with this dispute. I can not understand why Victoria Chiappetta would lie in her decision as there was no notice of motion left on my property.
          36 hours after a motion hearing a motion record was left in my milk box at 1930 hours. Victoria Chiappetta participated in this scam against my dead mother and I to milk us financially. I got to see a 2 page wish list hand drafted by the lawyers at Mark Ross for Belinda to give a full inheritance and have me be burden with the significant costs.
          Belinda is granted her wish list as I get to see the evidence to prove this months later. Veronica Chiapetta had a personal involvement in scamming my late mother and I. She should have known no one can respond to a motion hearing with less than 24 hours notice.

          Laurence Pattillo wrongly accuses my lawyer Joseph Lemire on April 2018 at the probate court hearing. There was no evidence and no discussion for shyster Pattillo to wrongly accuse my counsel for the fraud upon my dead mother and I by the courts and the Mark Ross lawyers and the funeral home directors.

          This is not good business practices or good for the STEAK HOLDERS Ontario.

        2. During the month of September and October 2016 my mother repeatedly told me she did not want Belinda, Fatima and Andrea in her house. My mother had stated to me in the middle of September 2016 “They are trying to get me to sign papers and I do not know what I am signing”. I spoke to Dr. Paulo Mazzotta my mother’s palliative care doctor about this concern and who is trying to get my 83 year old mother to sign papers that she did not understand and against her wishes. Dr. Mazzotta knew my mother did not want Belinda in her house because she robbed her of over $36,000.00 from her bank account. I am a witness to my mother telling him this July 2016.

          About 1 week later on October 7, 2016 I arrived to witness Dr. Mazzotta signing documents for Belinda and my mother was not involved in the discussion. My mother tells me she did not know what had been discussed between Belinda and her doctor. My mother stated to me “I did not know that”. During a 3 week period Paulo Mazzotta and Belinda gave my mother large doss of the Hydrocodone. and got her to change her will to allow Belinda to be involved and 3 beneficiaries were removed for Belinda to get a bigger inheritance after my mother’s death. By the end of October my mother was confused because of the narcotics she was told to take by Belinda. My mother died exactly 3 months after the will was changed. I contacted lawyers who told me “The legal documents are not to be changed when someone is taking narcotics and under palliative care”. They target my mother to destroy her.
          It was Dr.Mazzotta who told my mother not to get a feeding tube. But my mother told me she was looking forward to the feeding tube for her to get stronger. Look everyone what they did to my mother because it was her doctor who denied her right to her decision making.
          It was in the middle of October I told Mazzotta, he and his team have neglected my mother.

          1. Belinda told the court she has worked at Sunnybrook Hospital for 27 years. Belinda also worked for 20 years at Kensington Gardens. Belinda earned $60, 000 – $80,000 a year and lived with lover boy Jose who earned about the same. They were together for over 30 years and during all of these years these 2 losers would target my mother for money. Belinda would steal from her daughter’s piggybank. Belinda would attempt to gain entry repeatedly into her adult son’s bedroom to go through his banking. He moved out to get away from Belinda. The other son stated to me “Something is wrong with my mother. I think she is bipolar”. This is who my mother’s lawyers and doctors allowed to spend the last few months of my mother’s life with. They were all told Belinda was not to be involved with her care and finances. I called for help and the authorities refused to investigate and help my 83 year old mother. Belinda robbed my dead mother of $9,000.00 immediately after she died and the courts and authorities refuse to hold her accountable and stop her. She goes on to rob my dead mother of over $6,000.00 from the Portugal account.
            The authorities in Ontario enjoy wrongly and falsely accusing people when crimes are committed. The authorities wrongly accused Barry Sherman of murdering his wife. This man was murdered and a victim himself. I have heard healthy seniors are being target to reward the greedy. Blundering idiots right into the coroner’s office. See it does not look good when murdering seniors for profit is exposed.
            The authorities are lazy, greedy, incompetent and stupid here in Ontario. Right into the shameful courts. The judges cry out their is a shortage because of the Government. This is false. The courts are dirty and corrupted and enjoy victimizing victims over and over. Case law is false in Ontario.
            My mother was a senior who earned a little over $10,000.00 a year and never bothered anyone for money. What a shame this is on humanity when seniors are exploited and abused because this is acceptable behaviour by the authorities in Ontario or anywhere else in the world.
            Belinda should have become a lawyer who live by preying on others financially. They lie and steal and extort in the courts in Ontario from all of us to maintain their law practices. See this is how you end up climbing up the ladder and administrating justice like Victoria Chiappetta and Laurence Pattillo making $200,000.00 per year to seize and feast off the estates for profit.
            I planned to make a complaint about the judges in Ontario to a high judge who by the way is also working at the probate court. My lawyers laugh at me and state “Judges can commit fraud because they get immunity from the law”.

            The best is yet to come.

  8. A few months ago I discovered a law office was targeting seniors in the west part of Toronto. These seniors were harassed for large sums of money. They were told if they did not pay they would be losing their home and thrown out onto the street. There were several lawyers and they were related to a Member of Parliament lawyer in the Liberal government of Ontario.

    1. I identified Mark Ross law office who with his staff of lawyers, Belinda and the 3 funeral directors at Cardinal Funeral home conspired to help rob my late mother Carmelinda Bajouco. And I with the help of the court judge Victoria Chiappetta.
      These are the names of the lawyers who were involved Emily J. Pinkard and the paralegal Lauren Koduah. Sarah Walker and the Jeremy who I personally met at the probate court also had knowledge and were involved. This scam cost us over $30,000.00 and a further $1,000.00 with their associate and friend Angelique Moss who will be the court appointed trustee referred by the Mark Ross lawyers.
      Mark Ross advertises as being aggressive and has carved out a reputation as a high-skilled, forceful and effective advocate. I would certainly agree to all this as he was successful in winning a claim against my mother and I with the help of 3 funeral directors and the court room Judge Victoria Chiappettta with less then 24 hours notice and his failure and refusal to contact my counsel or myself to prevent us from defending the false claim Belinda was able to win.
      I would also say keeping my dead mother hostage at another Cardinal funeral home was aggressive, highly-skilled, forceful and effective.
      I am a witness Emily J. Pinkcard had delivered 2 pages in her hand writing and signature addressed personally to judge Victoria Chiappetta requesting Belinda to keep all of my late mother’s inventory here in Canada and in Portugal.

      1. I would like to thank you Mr. Stephen Thompson for the all the help and work you have done for me.

        Like I said “The best is yet to come.” And here it is. It has been almost 5 months since the court appointed trustee Angelique Moss has received money from the sale of my late mother’s house. Ms. Moss has refused to communicate with me and refused to correct the mistakes she has made in the application to the probate court.
        I reviewed the application made to the court July 2018 two months after the sale of the house on May 15, 2018. I discovered Ms. Angelique Moss lied to the beneficiaries about the true value of the sale of the house to pocket $44,000.00.
        December 2018 the new owners confirm when they bought the property Ms. Moss had told them there had been an application to the probate court and this was not true. It was made 2 months later.
        The bank funds in my late mother’s accounts were not accurate in the application and there was a mistake made in my address which Ms. Moss has repeatedly refused to correct. The court clerk confirms to me if there are any mistakes in the application the probate certificate is not valid.

        A probate certificate is very important as it protects my late mother’s estate, the beneficiaries and any other parties like the family who made a very substantial investment and purchase. Why would the court appointed trustee betray all of us and breach her fiduciary duty and her legal obligation to the court and the parties involved?
        I discovered Ms. Moss did not have the funds to pay for the probate application and withdrew the money from my mother’s bank account. Perhaps she should have borrowed the funds for the administration of the estate from Laurence Pattillo the probate court judge who highly recommended Ms. Moss because he had stated to me “She is a personal friend of mine, has been in front of this court many times and I highly recommend her.”
        Pattillo’s order gives her immunity from any liability. I found out after reviewing the probate application Ms. Moss gets my dead mother’s money to pay for her insurance.

        I got to review $50,000.00 worth of bills for me to pay due March 2019. I now have a paper trial of evidence. April 2018 Ms. Moss gains entry to my mother’s house with Belinda Bajouco and the locks are changed. Ms. Moss knew she had no legal right to be on the property or inside the house because she did not have the probate certificate giving her the authority.
        I also discovered Ms. Moss and Belinda June 2018 attempted to access my mother’s bank accounts to give Belinda the money. More attempts were made and the banks refused to hand over the funds. During these attempts the banks were documenting and my mother’s banks stated to me “There is something going on and you need to speak to the police.” The land registration office manager also stated to me “She had no right to sell your mother’s house without the probate certificate. This sounds like fraud and you need to notify the police”. I have notified the police who refused to listen and investigate.

        The realtor Sharon told me Angelique had the probate certificate since April 2018. I stated this is impossible because there has never been an application made to the probate court. This was in the middle of July 2018 and a few weeks before the family moved in. Now the story changes and the new owners will being renting the home until the probate certificate is granted. I spoke to the probate court manager questioning all of this wrong doing and asking how could the court appointed trustee sell the property? I accused Laurence Pattillo of a back room deal to pocket my mother’s estate money. And only then was there appropriate action and the application was made urgently. An application made with mistakes in the accounting to the court and the mistake in my address. But Ms. Moss had been meeting with Belinda at the bank June 2018 and had been corresponding with my mother’s banks. Surely she should have the appropriate accounting to the court. Ms. Moss specializes in estates and has ben a lawyer since 2005 therefore there will be no excuses for her conflict of interest and her breach of fiduciary duty to my late mother and I.
        This story is about the exploitation of my late mother Carmelinda Bajouco and her daughter Florips Bajouco.

        Mark Ross also graduated in 2005 and my mother’s funds are sitting in a bank right up his alley on Queen St. West right by John St. My mother’s money is now being held hostage at the bank and in the hands of the very crooks my mother knew would target and prey on her. These crooks are Belinda and her lawyers .

        Ms. Moss looted and robbed my mother’s property and my personal property as I had stayed with my mother for many years until Belinda locked me out of the house to get her legal documents changed to benefit herself by removing the 3 grandchildren and take control of my frail 83 year old mother. She took the crystal chandelier and the lawn mower that I requested to stay for the new owners.

        I called for help over the months of October and November 2016 stating my mother was in danger. The police refused to help. It was approximately 2 months before my mother died I phoned Police Chief Mark Saunders and John Tory who is the mayor of this city leaving detailed messages about my concerns. My 83 year old mother was in danger and being a victim of elder abuse. I never received any return calls and my mother died 2 months later.

        Ms. Moss helped Belinda get the title to 2 condos in Portugal and rob my dead mother and I of over $6,200.00 from an account held in joint with my mother and I for over 27 years. Please remember I got to see a 2 page wish list drafted and signed by Emily J. Pinkard to Victoria Chiappetta for the February 17, 2017 requesting Belinda keep the whole estate. This estate was to be shared by 5 beneficiaries as this had been my mother’s wishes. But Belinda was able to take control and advantage of my 83 year old mother at the time she was most vulnerable.

        1. It has been 2 years today since the ?burial of my late mother. My mother did not get the burial marker that she paid for to identify her final resting place. I have been told by BAO ‘She has no right to the burial marker and your sister will get to keep the money.’
          My late mother’s assets are being held hostage at 222 Queen St. West, Toronto. This bank is right up the street from the Mark Ross law firm who with the help of Cardinal Funeral Home and Victoria Chiappietta succeeded in victimizing my late mother and I.
          I have been told ‘money is leaving the account.’ But I who is a legal heir to the estate has not received a penny. What I have received are massive legal bills from Angelica Moss.

          1. I have documented evidence dated December 18, 2018 which is a sworn affidavit to the probate court claiming there is no will. The document sworn to the court by Angelique Moss states “On July 16, 2018, I submitted my Application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee Without A Will. The Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee Without A Will was granted on September 11, 2018.”

            This gets very interesting as I clearly remember Angelica charging the estate over $200.00 to pay Benjamin Marcos June 2018 for the execution of the will of my late mother. There is evidence to the probate court delivered by Angelica a will dated November 1, 2016 which is a original will signed by my late mother Carmelinda Bajouco. Angelica is now claiming my mother died without a will. “Without A Will” was documented twice and therefore is not a typo. What are you doing Angelica? This type of neglect is not good for your business. Angelica has repeatedly breached her fiduciary duty to my late mother and I.

            Almost 6 months have gone by and Angelica has refused to settle the estate. Angelica refuses to communicate with me. And I have discovered the estate accountant is being drained of it’s funds and I who is a legal heir to the estate have not received a cent.

            Please remember Angelica sold the house without the probate certificate and lied to the buyers telling the young family she had applied for the probate certificate when she did not. This young family who were almost homeless because of incident are not pleased with the neglect of the court appointed trustee Angelique Moss. This young family who invested a large amount of money were being victimized just like I. My mother would be ashamed of all of this wrong doing by the lawyers and the judges.

            As I have stated the estate was illegally seized by the probate court and my mother and I are victims of fraud. The fraudsters in control are Laurence Pattillo and Victoria Chiappietta who have staged false claims against my late mother and I.

  9. Angelique Moss now has claimed “An estate without a will” claiming my mother died “intestate” which means no instructions as to how her property is to be divided and disturbed. This contradicts the facts and the evidence that is registered in the probate court. What is Angelica up to with this false claim?

    What is very interesting is this false claim of no will which when I reflect to the date of February 2017 when my mother died the existence of a will was used in the funeral home scam with Mark Ross and his lawyers to defraud my late mother and I, and remove me as executor of the estate. How can this be? The very tool of a will upon her death was used against me to victimize us and now there is a claim in a sworn affidavit claiming there is no will and it dates back to July 16, 2018 as an estate without a will. What is the significance of this latest scam to my late mother and I?

    1. My mother died on February 1, 2017 at 2000 hours. She was pronounced dead at 2230 hours. Apparently something happened to my mother at 1600 hours and Belinda never called for help. Belinda spent approximately 4 hours watching and waiting for my mother to die. Belinda had told some family members “Something burst in my mother at 1600 hours.” This is truly an example of evil and greed when a daughter can disregard her own mother and not make an effort to save her. I was never told about this by Belinda. My dead mother’s body was removed the following day at 1030 hours on February 2, 2017 by the funeral staff. My dead mother spent over 12 hours dead in her home and Belinda never phoned me to tell me this very important fact.

      The evidence I did get from my mother’s bank was immediately after my mother died Belinda started stealing from my dead mother’s account on February 2, 2017 $3,000.00, February 3, 2017 $3,000.00 and February 6, 2017 another $3,000.00 = $9,000.00. Belinda would have stolen more money but I communicated with CIBC who froze the account. The lady from CIBC had met my mother and was aware of Belinda’s stealing of the over $36,000.00 a few years earlier.
      I am a witness who heard my mother tell Paulo Mazzotta “I do not want my daughter Belinda in my house because she stole over $36,000.00 from my bank.” Dr. Mazzotta is an evil man as he is the one who directed my mother to change her legal documents October 2016. This fact is documented in his medical report and therefore my mother was under the influence and pressure of her doctor, daughter Belinda and the 2 monstrosity of human flesh Fatima and Andrea who had been harassing me to get my mother to remove the grandchildren as beneficiaries to the estate so Belinda could get a bigger inheritance. I refused to do this because it was not my right to. I stated to these people “There will be no changes made to the documents and my only role is to respect my mother’s wishes.” The Jane Harvey will was made before my mother started her many years of chemotherapy. The Jane Harvey will was made without influence and was consistent with my mother’s wishes to have the grandchildren receive a legacy from their grandmother. My mother knew I was responsible enough to respect her wishes and this is why she appointed me in her legal documents. My mother’s safety and protection all taken away when she was most vulnerable and by her own doctor.

      When I reflect on this horror I have lived through. I see a pattern of deceit coming from the court room judges. This is not about respecting and the protection of the estate and the beneficiaries. This scam is about milking and destroying the legacy the deceased had planned to leave to the family. This story is the real meaning of exploitation and the collusion of people who target and destroy all of us to benefit themselves for profit. My story identifies the conspiracy of all of the players involved and how they worked together to target and victimize my late mother and I. My story is very much related to the stories revealed in your cases Mr. Thompson.

      It is apparent to me when I reviewed Paulo Mazzotta’s medical history of my mother and in particular the fact he had documented ‘The Office of the Guardianship’ suggesting to get them involved meaning taking away the person my mother had appointed to protect her and having strangers interfere and therefore be in control of decision making and her assets while she was alive. Dr. Mazzotta knew Belinda was not to be involved and pressured my mother to make changes to her legal documents to cause conflict in her care and her finances. I saw a pattern of abuse identical to your stories of exploitation of the seniors when they are most vulnerable and identical to your case stories.

      1. The day I found out my mother died I asked Belinda if my mother was medicated? Belinda said “No.” This is what was in my 83 year old mother’s body weighing only 81 pounds: Codeine, Acetaminophen, Morphine, Hydromorphine and Hydrocodone. Belinda Bajouco is a liar and is not credible.
        When I got into my mother’s house many months after she died I took pictures of my mother’s finger nails clawing at her wall with the Hydrocodone.
        Everyone but my 83 year old mother will be shamed in the role they played in victimizing her when she was most vulnerable. Her doctor, lawyers, family members and the lazy ass cops of Toronto and the rest of the players who targeted her for their personal profit.

          1. It was on Thursday June 13 2019 I visited the cemetery and the staff has provided my late mother with her ID marker. I will always know she was never buried because of abusive behavior of all of the players involved repeatedly stating to me “Your mother has no right to the ID marker and Belinda gets to keep the money. ” These statements were made to me by Heather Weir, Peter Jordan and Sindur from the BAO.
            The reason why she has been given the ID marker was because I have exposed the horror on Google maps. Not good for the business in Ontario when the citizens cry out fraud. It is a crying shame America.

    1. Where is my dead mother’s money Laurence Pattillo ?

      Laurence Pattillo repeatedly stated “reprehensible”. But I am not the one who was stealing from my mother. You are the one who is reprehensible stealing from my mother and I.

      In a guardianship and probate court scam the judges are involved. They want the money and will do whatever they can to get the money.

      1. 2 years have passed and my late mother’s estate is not settled. Angelique Moss is refusing to settle the estate.
        She has falsified the accounting to the court ×3.
        The estate was seized because of fraud and I have showed the documents to many people who see fraud and tell me to call the police. I have called the lazy ass cops who refuse to investigate these crimes.

        The judgement was not written by the judge. The judgement was hand delivered by the lawyer from Mark Ross who staged the fraud with the funeral directors. My mother’s money ended up the street by Mark Ross law office.

        During the probate court hearing Laurence Pattillo asked me if I that this was a scam. I stated my mother and I are by robbed by the lawyers. I found Laurence Pattillo verbally threatening me when he repeatedly stated I was reprehensible. I packed my documents and ran out of the court room because I knew Pattillo was going to physically hurt me.

        Laurence Pattillo ordered me to be arrested. 4 security guards with 4 hand cuffs were going to kill me. My friend Malanie witnessed Pattillo ordering the guards to arrest me. He would but me in person so they would rob me of my life and my meager assets like they did to my 83 year old mother in her own home. They want the money and will do everything they can to get the money.

        On August 1, 2019 I was robbed by 3 men at Bread & Roses at 10:22 am. They robbed me inside my local bakery. They had been stalking 3 weeks earlier. A few weeks later a man and a woman came to my home 2 evenings in a row. The second evening the woman rang the door bell. She knocked at the door and then she put her hand and turned the doorknob trying to get into my home to hurt me and rob me like they did to my mother. They want the money and they will do everything they can to get the money.

        I know of a couple victims of estate fraud in Ontario. The husband has exposed his wife being physically assaulted ×3 because she was being target.
        They want the money and they will do whatever it takes to get the money.

  10. It is close to 4 years since my mother died and her estate has not been settled. Angelica just keeps billing the estate for services.

    On Friday I paid the Portuguese Consulate a visit regarding why Paula has provided my Portugal identity to Belinda and Angelique Moss. I also have concerns to who else has access to my Portuguese photo identity without my authorization and knowledge.

    Paula from the Portuguese Consulate in Toronto, Ontario, Canada without my knowledge and consent gave copies to the very crooks who have been stealing from my late mother. Paula withheld this very important information from me. Felicia from Casey & Moss showed me the documents but refused to provide me with copy.

    My personal identification is for me to do my banking, access health care and a passport to travel in Europe. This is my property that I paid for to belong to me and not in the possesion of others.

    This is identity tarfficking and I must let people who are reading this story know the driving force behind identity theft & mortgage crimes are the lawyers and judges.

    The old & chunky woman at the Portuguese Consulate denies this bad and criminal deed by Paula. The manager at the Portuguese Consulate refuses to see me and refuses to investigate my serious allegations. They refused to identify themselves. They are tarfficking my identity to steal and destroy me like they did to my late mother. See everyone this type a criminal activity rewards the lawyers & judges.

    With identity theft the thieves can pass forged checks, take out mortgages and defraud the healthcare system in Portugal. This card also serves as a valid passport to travel into many countries in Europe. In the wrong hands my identification will destroy me and will reward criminals. (Like all of these crooks)

    The driving force behind my mother’s crimes was Laurence Pattillo the probate court judge who participated in a massive fraud to victimimize and financially exploit my mother and I.

    Angelica had no right or need to be in possesion of my Portugal ID without my consent or knowledge. Angelica states to me “I have the authority to remove you and give the 2 condos to Belinda.

    Mark Ross lawyers had documented my birth date and I knew I was being targeted for identity theft in Canada.

    The Bank of Nova Scotia refuses to update the estate account. They repeatedly stated to me “The money belongs to her (Angelica).” I remind them the money belongs to my late mother. This bank has denied a will being at the bank.

    1. My mother died over 4 years ago and her very meager estate remains unsettled. There was no fiduciary duty to my late mother and I because the probate court participated in massive crimes targeting my late mother and I.

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