National Association to Stop Guardianship Abuse: NASGA : know-your-rights

NASGA Exert: If you are in guardianship/conservatorship litigation, or about to enter litigation,  the first thing to do is read and devour the guardianship and conservatorship laws of your state.*  You may think it’s your attorney’s job to know, advise, and take care of you.  After all, that’s what you’re paying dearly for.But here’s the reality:  attorneys get paid whether they win or lose your case.  Most want to win, of course, because of dedication, compassion, pride, or  ego.  But, if you lose, you still pay your attorney.  You both go to the bank – you to make a withdrawal, your attorney to make a deposit!

And attorneys make mega bucks by taking on lots of cases.  They juggle their expanding caseload and give minimal attention to the cases in the forefront, saving maximum attention for litigation.  To you, there is only one case in the world; to your attorney, you’re one of many in the stack.”

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