Transcript of a hearing: If you are dealing with guardianship you will need a written transcript in order to argue any bad judgement.

It is often helpful or necessary to have a verbatim (text document) copy of the hearing.

In WA state it must be done by a certified Transcriptionist. It is best to call and find someone you like before you actually need one. Some counties maintain lists of which transcriptionists who are accepted in their court. You must obtain a audio copy from the clerk’s office if there is not a transcriptionist at the hearing. (Usually if there is a transcriptionist at the hearing there will be no audio copy and you are stuck with the transcriptionist that was at your hearing. Call the clerk’s office and they will give you their contact info.)

You will need to Get a copy of the audio of your hearing. To do this go to the clerk’s office and ask how to get a copy of the audio of your hearing. It may take a day or 2 to get it after you pay for it. If they are not busy you may get it the same day.

There are on-line transcription services. They run about $1 a minute. You will need to do final edit yourself and get it notarized. Not all counties will accept this method.

How to hire your own:

1.  DO NOT call up in a frantic manner and tell them you are in a hurry. Most don’t want to do jobs for crazy people.

2.   Google or look them up at

3… Ask how much they charge per page. ($5 per page is normal)

4. Ask what their turn around time is.

5. If that is not fast enough ask if they can do it sooner (give them a day)

6. If they say that would be a rush job you may be stuck. Ask how much extra or per page a “rush” job is.