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True Stories are “hearsay” in court. We need to document and organize the evidence. Funds will be spent to collect legal documents and work up a database of abuse records. That means paying for copies (.25 or .50 a page), pay for man power to obtain and sort court records, and advertising the results to force prosecution. Court records on a single case can cost $200. We want to document hundreds of cases. That’s the only way to get the exploitation stopped. This is an epidemic which can be cured. Fund the Cure.

Full stories  available for viewing: Guardianship Abuse stories mentioned in Video.


About Judicial Corruption and Exploitation of the Elderly: After getting cases on multiple guardians per county a cross reference can be made as to which judges were sponsoring the exploitation, thus setting a pattern that will show unusual preferences for certain guardians by a particular judge.


What Nevada is starting to do we want to do in WA state. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPIFZUQOiVo&sns=em  It has cost these Nevada people hundreds of thousands of personal income to save their loved ones. Many seniors have no one with such funds to help. We want to make an example of how to do it faster and cheaper for a whole state, not just a few seniors.  This needs to stop TOTALLY. It’s not just one guardian. It’s hundreds of guardians pilfering the assets of hundreds of thousands of seniors across the county.

Some sample guardianship problems:

–Chris’s guardian isolates and over-drugs him and bills  for every attempt to free him.  Now it’s his house. Guardianship and legal fees for  2 years have already exceeded $222,000 (his teaching pension just $55,000 a year) and he has to pay for his care on top of that. It’s a scenario that plays for thousands of seniors every year. It can happen to anyone.

A normal Guardian (GDN) should be charging $100-$500 per month in GDNship fees. There are GDNs charging $100-$500 per hour.

GDNs should be charging for no more than 4 hours a month. Some are charging 20 hours a month for things like hand writing bills that should be on auto-pay.

There are GDNs charging 12K in legal fees to present a fillable form to court once a year.

-Arthur forced into GDSHIP and is being charged $200K per year to have his income managed by the GDN who is taking over his family business; a property management LLC. The GDN will soon own premium downtown Seattle real-estate.

Larry is getting charges $60K per year in GDN fees to “protect” his $55K pension. He is being forced to live in an AFH and wants out from under his GDN. He is not allowed a phone. $300K savings gone in 2 years.

Mary was charged by her GDN $16,K per year to protect her pension of $17K while living at home.

Thea who had inherited $1 M was left penniless under GDNship and her disabled son had to use his food stamps to get her food so she wouldn’t starve.

Lynn’s GDN defaulted in the reverse mortgage to force her out of her house. Her guardian forced her into a dementia ward.

Mike’s wife of 40 years forced into GNDship. The GDN took her from her home and then sold their house out from under Mike. He is disabled.

Robin was drained of a $7000 a month retirement income while the court tried to force her into GDNship. She testified for the US Senate Committee on Aging in 2003. She filed bankruptcy and left WA state.

Wards are getting their properties sold out from under them.

Wards are getting charged legal rates for filing paperwork.

Billed $200 to talk to the GDN for 5 minutes.

Charged $500 to pay an electrics bill that should be on auto-pay.

Lawyers for the ward and for the GDN have mock “court battles” over fees that end up costing the ward many times more than the fee they are arguing over.

There are agencies who have hundreds of clients who want seniors with assets to “take care” of.

This needs to be exposed. Help Fund the program to get this documented with hard evidence.