What is Senior Abuse?

Isolation and Mental Abuse

Isolation comes in many forms

BUT in all forms isolation results in the senior / Incapacitated Person (IP) not being able to communicate with someone they desire to communicate with. It may just start with the abuser self justifying that certain of the senior’s friends are not appropriate for the senior to communicate with. Thus any senior can become an IP just by “friends” trying to “help” him by isolating him from other friends. <More about court authorized abuse below>

 It doesn’t matter how much you THINK you are helping it is still abuse->>Mental Abuse.   It is also CRIMINAL as it violates their Constitutional Right to Privacy and Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association.

In a nut shell>>Doing anything to the IP, which you would not want someone to do to you, will most likely be considered criminal abuse. 

Every one including seniors/IPs (even those under guardianship) have the Constitutional right to pick who their friends are and who they call, write or e-mail and from whom they can receive correspondences. Censoring mail* or phone calls or visitors OR pressuring the senior to self sensor these is Mental Abuse. *Mail Theft penalty is up to 5 years in prison and $250,000.

Many times the Mental/Isolation Abuse starts from manipulation. The manipulator (or guardian) wanting to isolate the senior (IP) will convince weak-minded or crooked friends that some bad people/person is “putting ideas in his/her head.” {“Putting Ideas in his head” is a tag line for most abusers. It may even be used against seniors who are perfectly capable of thinking for themselves.} These bad people are usually those who are telling the senior that he has rights.  Then the senior becomes “protected” from friends who see through the plan of the manipulator and could help him and the weak-minded friends are convinced they did something worthy when really they have become abusers themselves. After the weak-minded are attacking the supposed bad people then the harsher manipulation can happen now that the IP is blocked from getting help.

After “protecting” their friend from those who would help him contact a lawyer or find non-abusive assistance, then the stage is set to deny the IP any contact at all from those who won’t abuse him. He has his phone taken away, his mail pre-read and a body guard/ care-giver posted to keep visitors away. This will upset the IP, so then doctors are told they need medication to “calm” them and after enough sedatives are employed it’s off to the dementia ward. Thus the IP becomes a prisoner of his weak-minded, crooked friends who aide the manipulator who may be the guardian.

Professional Guardians can also do this without the help of anyone other than the court. Those who try to fight the Guardian are labeled “trouble makers” and are removed from all contact with the IP. Often this is when those weak-minded friends come to realize they made a bad move by helping isolate the IP, but it is too late. Once a crooked court gets involved fighting will just put more money in the pockets of crooked judges and lawyers who will be glad to fight you in court using the IP’s money.

Examples of Mental abuse.

  • Scolding a Vulnerable Adult, IP, senior.
  • Removing the phone or limiting the ability of the IP to make or receive calls at any time.
  • Limiting visitors who the IP wishes to visit with.
  • Intimidating the IP in any way.
  • Making the IP afraid to contact or be contacted by certain individuals.
  • Making the IP afraid of doing anything which he would normally do.
  • Forcing or coercing the IP to do something he did not want to do or not do something he did want to do.
  • Upsetting the IP and leaving him in an agitated state.
  • Tampering with, withholding or restricting the IPs access to his personal mail*, phone messages or e-mail. (*Federal Mail Theft)
  • Denying him the ability to express his wishes on how his life will be run.
  • Forcing the IP to a standard of living not in line with how he lived before he was an IP.
  • Forcing the IP to live your standard of living thus denying him the freedom of expressing himself as an individual.
  • Treating the IP in any way like a child or like you are his parent.
  • Treating the IP in any way that would be repulsive to him if he wan’t an IP.
  • Being mean, talking nasty or cruelly to the IP.
  • Belittling the IP.
  • Speaking harshly to the IP.
  • Doing anything to the IP that you would not want someone to do to you.






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