Roach vs APS

Court Documents  can be viewed at:

Everyone is invited to watch the Assistant Attorney General lie. Will the judge lie also? Some think she will. Spectators are encouraged. It helps keep the judge honest. (APS social workers called “agents” lie to illegally fill their ADS abuse database. See WASTED STATE FUNDS below.)

Jennifer Roach vs DSHS: Hearing to attempt to get off the APS State wide abuse (ADS) database/registry which Roach was never qualified to be on is:

Nov 9, 2020 King county Superior court, Kent building–Maleng Justice building. If I am allowed a jury it won’t start on Nov 9- It will probably start later in the week.

Court docs for the 2019-2020 case have not been placed on-line yet. I am working on it.

 May 5th, 2017 at 1:30 , (Friday) This case should take about 30 minutes. No other cases are currently  listed in that time block. The judge is Carol Murphy: There are 6 court rooms and you will have to look at the reader board or ask the clerk’s office which room Murphy will be in in the afternoon.  
Thurston County Superior Court
2000 Lakeridge Dr SW    Bldg #2
Olympia, WA 98502  

The Assistant Attorney General, Seth Dickey, is ignoring the law which states Ms. Roach does not quality for the ADS database (WAC 388-71-01202) and has already produced documents full of slander (not based on evidence.) link above

Larry’s story is at: about half way down the page  and at  along with court documents involving these last 4 years. Same web-page has connections to the 50 declarations by Larry friends (link at:  ) that were thrown out because the judge states Ms. Roach was obviously so seductive “that any old man would appear to get better around [Ms. Roach].” You may laugh, but that’s what the Kitsap Judge said to place a restraining order on Ms. Roach and throw out the evidence in her favor. She haven’t been able see Larry since 2012, but he has been abused, over-drugged and exploited these last 4 and a half years.

WASTED STATE FUNDS:   DSHS hiring more social workers and labeling them “APS agents” won’t fix the senior abuse and exploitation problem. That’s a waste of funds. The state needs to hire real investigators and forensic auditors. Law suits against APS abuse and failures cost the state millions in law suits.

Short Story:
In 2012 Ms. Roach was helping her friend Larry Christensen with his Parkinson’s and other issues and they had a nice time together. They acted like family. Larry’s “best friend in the whole world” decided to take over his life and accused Ms. Roach of abuse. Short story is she ended up on the Adult Protective Services (APS) state wide abuse ADS registry about a year ago. She is appealing it in Superior court Friday May 5th. She has no lawyer. APS does not supply a lawyer to those who they accuse.

Also Lawyers can be paid off and intimidated. Larry’s guardian, Michael  Longyear, is a very rich man who funds his law business by exploiting the elderly. He has connections in the WSBA, King county Superior court and with his ward’s funds he has a far reaching arm. Ms. Roach fights elder abuse and Longyear would love to have her ruined. He has spent (with our crooked court’s approval) $30,000 (that we know of) of Larry’s money to ruin Ms. Roach’s reputation already. Her non-profit is for helping Parkinson’s Disease Patients and he has had her thrown out of facilities with his lies and Larry’s money.

There are a lot of out right evil predators out there claiming to “protect” the elderly. Horror stories are in no shortage. Best bet is to get estate planning advice from someone outside of the county you live in, so they have less ability to take over your estate.

Court in Olympia:
Experience shows that the problems are that some judges will lie if they think that will make them look good or get them some extra money. Judges will be less likely to lie if there are people who might vote for them or tell other people not to vote for them in the court room.

Thurston County was picked for Ms. Roach’s hearing as the other choice was King county and there are several judges in King county who steal from the elderly and would wish Ms. Roach dead. However, Thurston could also be influenced. The judge has worked for the Attorney General’s (AG) office and Ms. Roach basically have to sue the AGs office to get off this registry she never should have been on. She has already been told by her half hour of free legal consultation that Judge Murphy is more likely to lie and back the AGs as she used to work there even though the law is in Ms. Roach’s  favor.
APS has violated the law. They place people on their ADS registry (state wide abuse registry) without a hearing, but they totally ignore that their ADS abuse registry is only for people who have worked in nursing homes. They are outside their jurisdiction. Ms. Roach has NEVER worked in a nursing home.  That’s the main point. Ms. Roach only found that out last fall which regulation covers their registry as no one in DSHS would tell her.  WAC 388-71-01202 to -01281  covers the registry.  DSHS has been illegally placing people on that list for years trying to make it look like they are doing good. There may be thousands on that list who shouldn’t be on it. In order to place Ms. Roach on the list they threw out all evidence in her favor and denied her a hearing and as stated did not tell her that she never qualified for the list having never working in a nursing facility.

The abuse list  is absolutely unconstitutional and many have been complaining about it for years. After Ms. Roach had already proved myself innocent and  all 16 points against her false, DSHS threw out her hearing saying she was obviously too guilty to deserve a hearing.

Ms. Roach has been fighting this for 4 1/2 years. This list assumes you guilty first and then you are responsible for proving yourself innocent. The Assistant Attorney General, Seth Dickey, who is representing DSHS has already produced documents full of slander. He will try to make Ms. Roach look real bad and will continue to ignore the law. Ms. Roach, will not in court try to fight against his statements about how bad she is as she has already done that on paper and all DSHS does is come up with additional accusations without additional evidence. That’s the game they play. They try to wear people out to make it look like they are getting bad guys while they abuse the elderly.