Senior Trafficking by Stephen Thompson

Dear Washington State Leaders:

RE:  Exploitation, abuse and fraud against retired American workers and older adults under the guise of guardianship taking place throughout the country

Older, retired and defenseless Americans with financial assets are being put to their death in illicit guardianship courts that operate under color of law in order to steal their life savings.  Their families are being falsely imprisoned and retaliated for speaking up to expose these crimes against humanity.

These American citizens who have financial assets are targeted by rogue attorneys and guardians who strategically have these Americans declared “incapacitated” by their colluding medical providers as a justification to force defenseless adults into a guardianship nightmare – they are living adults in a system of probate laws dealing with the dead.   They lose all of their civil rights and liberties. They have less rights than death row prisoners.

In essence, they are incarcerated in undisclosed facilities.  Health Care agents designated by an elderly person in documents they have prepared are often cast aside or simply ignored and cases exist where Living Trusts and similar instruments, once thought impenetrable, are broken making room for the fee driven professionals / attorneys in a system with no checks and balances.  They are forcibly removed from their home.  Their family members are barred from seeing them on the basis of perjured false accusations against them by the predator attorneys and guardians who are financially extorting them.  Not only are the older Americans and retirees being terrorized, but their family members and others who expose this syndicate are also victims… they are being threatened, retaliated and falsely arrested.

When the money runs out, the American Taxpayers will pick up the tab for Medicaid, Social Security dollars and other applicable tax-payer funded programs. More often, when their funds are all gone, they are illegally chemically restrained with psychotropic drugs to cause their death.

These activities fall under the Federal Hobbs Act, Title 18 U.S.C § 1951.  They are a form of human trafficking under 22 U.S.C. § 7102 and similar state laws.  They are acts of tyranny, oppression and obstruction of justice of the worst form equal to homeland terrorism.

We have a litany of laws to protect our older Americans, including The Elder Abuse Victims Act, The Elder Justice Act, The Olmstead Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Senior Financial Protection Act and mirror laws of each state.  However, all these laws go out the window when an American adult is forced into guardianship because law enforcement ignores enforcement when criminal violations take place in a color of law court.

Because the guardianship ruse and crimes have been ignored by American legislators and law enforcement for years, it has proliferated into a wide-reaching syndicate of attorneys, judges, professional guardians, medical providers and state agencies who operate a business of murdering American workers and older adults to steal their assets through a simulated court process called guardianship.   They use an illegitimate guardian court to effectuate a false perception of legitimacy to conceal criminal activities.

Prominent cases like the Astor case in New York, the Anna Nichol Smith case and the Sumner Redstone case receive media attention and resolve, while the millions of cases of hard working every day middle class Americans are ignored.

This is the most insidious of crimes carried out in secrecy against our most vulnerable citizens.  This crime undermines every one of our inalienable rights and our core American values under the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  This syndicate that has taken control of our court system is doubly offensive – it engages in crimes of the most heinous nature and its operation under color of law is unconstitutional.

This is not a State issue.  The States themselves are the perpetrators of this crime.  It has become a state-sponsored and run operation with the citizens of every state being affected.  All of the Federal agencies are involved, Social Security Fraud, Health Care Fraud, Medicare Fraud, IRS Fraud for failure to report the income from this color of law operation, U.S. Codes are being violated and Federal Taxpayer Dollars are being used up.  This problem must be dealt with swiftly and forcefully with an arm of justice and with legislation and reform that had a nationwide reach and that has jurisdiction over Civil, Constitutional and Human Rights Issues.

You took an oath of office under Title 5 § 3331 of the United States Code to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and faithfully discharge the duties of your office.   However, millions of American families are being shattered by this simulated guardian court proceeding.

This country was based on the concepts of individual liberty and property rights. Guardianships destroy not only these freedoms, but also the spirit in which they were established.  Nothing is more sacred in our country and more protected by the Constitution than the protection of our families, our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to due process, religious freedom and freedom of speech.

Time has run out.  We have millions of older Americans and retirees who are in reckless endangerment and being put to death by guardianship torture and terrorism.  We have millions of older Americans who are barred from seeing their children and their families.  We have a problem of national epidemic proportion;  it must be fixed immediately.

We urgently seek:

1.      That you request a state of emergency be declared by the President to immediately remove the imposter judges who are perpetuating this atrocity and release the American citizens who have been imprisoned.

2.      That you request the President and Federal Law Enforcement to commence an urgent investigation of the judges, attorneys, guardians, medical providers and others who are parties to this syndicate.

3.      That you request the President sign an Administrative Order to eliminate guardianship.

4.      That each county designates an ADAA certified mediator to assist in the event of family disagreement regarding the care of their relative and there shall be no involvement by any court.

5.      That a federally based system be instituted to provide Federal funds for a county ombudsman to provide any needed assistance to an older adult only in the event they have no family members or if there is suspected abuse or exploitation by a family member or where family members are unable to agree on the care of their relative after they have sought assistance by the certified mediator.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Thompson


Boycott Lawyer Fraud

Cc:  Media, Activists and other interested parties

2 thoughts on “Senior Trafficking by Stephen Thompson

  1. Wow, I am shocked about the facts you have disclosed in your materials. It is real and systemic world wide. I am communicating from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I can not believe this type of elder abuse is happening in civilized countries in the western world. I recently came across a newspaper article where a 92 year old woman was victimized by the court system and her own lawyer in trust. This happened in Quebec City, Canada.

    My 83 year old mother died on February 1, 2017 under the care of my sister and the palliative care doctor. I got the toxicology report a few months ago and I was horrified to dis cover so many narcotics in my 83 year old mother weighing only 81 pounds at the time of her death. I lost my loving mother to narcotics that incapacitated her mentally and physically. My sister and the palliative care doctor targeted my mother to destroy her. She was denied food, overdosed with narcotics, got a infected bedsore and had massive bruise on her right wrist consist with a being physically restrained in her death bed. I took photos of my mother claw prints with the Hydrocodone leaving stain marks on her wall.
    I had been appointed to be the sole executor for the estate and the powers of attorney for care and finances. My mother did not want my sister in her house because she had robbed her of over $36,000.00 almost 1 year after the diagnosis of cancer. My sister robbed my dead mother of $9,000.00 the following days after she died.
    My sister got into the house to get my mother to make changes to her legal documents to have 3 beneficiaries removed to benefit her. Around the time the will was changed I saw a thumb print bruise on my 83 year old mother’s upper left arm. The police refused to investigate knowing my sister had a history of domestic violence. My mother’s palliative doctor had been told a few months by my mother “I do not want my daughter Belinda in my house because she stole over $36,000.00 from my bank”. My mother’s own doctor target my mother for death to control health costs and also financial abuses by my sister. I called for help and no one came to help my 83 year old mother.
    It was shortly after my sister got into her home and instructed my mother to take high doses of the Hydrocodone I lost my mother because she got confused and was sent to get her legal documents changed.
    I am a witness to 4 of my mother’s own lawyers destroying 2 of her wills because my mother appointed me as sole executor for the estate, care and finances. My mother suspected her lawyer Eduardo Marcos causing conflict in the written documents to cause further conflicts in the courts and therefore rewarding the lawyers.
    The probate scam stemmed from the guardianship scam. Even my mother’s funeral home Cardinal Funeral home participated to defraud her of $12,000.00 claiming the February 2, 2017 when I am a witness my mother had prepaid this funeral home almost 7 years earlier. My mother was held hostage at the funeral home for almost 3 weeks earning the funeral home about $140.00/day. I got a lawyer and the funeral home knew this and claims to have informed my sister’s lawyer. Apparently the funeral home directors participated with my sister’s lawyers over a 5 day period to make a false claim against my mother’s estate. They went to court and failed to contact my lawyer and I. I was served with a motion record 36 hours after a legal proceeding and the documents were delivered to my milk box on Saturday February 18, 2017 @ 1930 hours.
    It did not take long for me to discover the change in burial. Apparently my sister planned for me to discover on the day of my mother’s burial she would not be buried with me. See I was the single daughter and my mother’s best friend during 57 years of her life. June 2010 I watched my mother with pride and joy making and paying for her burial and funeral arrangements. My mother had arranged for her and I to be buried together. As my late father passed away in 1964 and was buried in Portugal. Belinda was able to get invoices passed to make it look like she had paid for these purchases and not my mother to charge the estate close to $40,000.00 when my mother prepaid.
    It is very disturbing to discover my sister law firm had target me immediately after my mother died because my personal identification of my birthdate were noted on the documents. I know now this is staged guardianship and probate scam the courts and lawyers thrive on.
    My own lawyers participated in scamming me because the would take large sums of money and refuse to do any work for me. I asked to have my sister removed as co executor so I could administer my mother’s estate without being paid and she refused. A few months went by and I discovered Belinda took 5 weeks off work and travelled to Portugal in an attempt to steal from my mother’s estate.
    During my sister’s holiday in Portugal I had to call the police with the concern of my mother’s home and I knew my mother needed to replace the roof August 2016. My own lawyers refused to help me get a key to the house and I had to ask the police for help. Upon entrance to my mother’s home I was horrified to see the state of my mother’s house towards the last few months of her life. I had been keeping my mother’s home clean and had been paying for her food. All of this taken away when my sister got into the home. I went upstairs to discover in the main bedroom closet a infestation of toxic black mould oozing out of the attic door. I paid over $1,000.00 to get the mould removed and get the house tidy. Apparently the whole house right into the basement was contaminated and I alone cleaned up while my sister was on a holiday. I discovered my mother’s death bed was directly under the mould infestation and she was breathing toxic black mould and this would explain why she did not cough when she was outside of the house.
    A month later I was summons to the probate court to be removed as executor. I opposed and this cost was the highest of almost $14,000.00 & $11,000.00 & I have ben ordered to pay the costs of the administration of the estate. This targeting started immediately after my mother died with the lawyers representing Belinda and my own lawyers also took large sums of money from me and did not do any work.
    The probate judge Pattillo spent 45 minutes writing 4 pages of nasty comments and repeatedly referred to me as being “reprehensible”. No justice Pattillo did not look at the evidence or listen to me speak. I am a witness the judgement was not written by Pattillo because the judgement was hand delivered by Belinda’s lawyer when the hearing started. I have confirmation from the probate court the judgements are drafted by the lawyers and not the judge. This seems to be a conflict of interest to all of us if the judgements are drafted by the opposing lawyer and not the judges. People need to know with this type of game there will be no justice in the courts.
    Apparently the probate scam is for the court to seize the property and have a trustee literally live off the estate. The probate scam literally resembles the guardianship scam and targets to destroy whatever monies the senior had to their name.
    In my case as I attempted to advocate for my late mother the lawyers and judges targeted me and threatened me with a court order to prevent me from speaking. I believe the court order would be putting me in prison to silence me as I now see this has been done. But I am a smart woman and know if I go to prison I will suffer the same fate as my 83 year old mother and all the others. And if I do not speak I still will suffer the fate of my 83 year old mother and all the others.
    I have good evidence and since the court room judges do not look at the evidences to provide justice I will be willing to share my story. I had been told court cases are not won by merits and are won by who the lawyer knows at the court house. I think my mother’s story could provide the knowledge and the encouragement for the laws to be reformed.
    Thank you for listening and thank you for sharing your stories.

    Flo Bajouco
    Toronto, Ontario

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