Guardianship abuse

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Senior Exploitation & Abuse by Court appointed Guardians is criminal BUT, It can happen to anyone. In less than 15 minutes your life can be owned by an unscrupulous court and controlled by a guardian you don’t know. It is called by law enforcement the number one crime in the United States.  It nets over $100 billion per year in stolen assets.

Listen to John Oliver tell the truth about guardianship:

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Short segment on Exploitation and Abuse under the Court guardianship system:

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 What is Abuse of a Senior? (details here)>>Don’t think you won’t be abused just because you don’t have dementia. Many seniors can easily be controlled and manipulated by their friends or family just because they don’t walk well. Do you know if someone is taking your mail? What will you do if your phone is taken? NOW the courts are getting so bold that you don’t have to have a thing wrong with you before YOU are committed.

“You are a target because you have assets.  You don’t necessarily have to be very old.  You can even be quite lucid.  That won’t stop these predators.  When it comes to removing your rights and your money, these folks are experts.”  Money Magazine.

Everyone is SUPPOSED to have rights, even those under guardianship

Guardianships were meant to protect the rights of the vulnerable, but laws aren’t good enough to protect the vulnerable from an abusive guardian.

AT one time caring people took care of elderly people. Your neighbors and friends would step in when there was a problem. Now with everyone on the move and the population so big you might not know even your next door neighbor. So who protects the elderly? >>the government. Anytime the government steps in someone will figure out how to cheat the system and they have. Guardianship abuse and fraud is rampant and growing.

Guardianship was made to protect the minors, the elderly and other vulnerable adults’s assets from being taken over in litigation or by unscrupulous persons. Adult children fighting over their parents or just lawsuits to protect the vulnerable were going to be eliminated by guardianships. Lawyers would be left out in the cold unable to profit off arguments over the assets of the vulnerable.

Thus guardianship scams were born often involving lawyers, judges, APS agents, assisted livings/ nursing homes, social workers, doctors, financial institutions and the guardians who may be lawyers themselves. The system is rigged against anyone trying to really protect the elderly.

Often the crimes are only known by a few people who get punished by the court or DSHS for trying to help. Sometimes this is family and sometimes friends. Unlike child abuse the senior dies never being able to tell their story. Stories of isolation, over-drugging, and exploitation. They often die a miserable lonely last few years or months after guardians take over to to “protect” their rights.

This web-site is for education. The more everyone knows the better we can fight the problem. If you have a story or other information about guardianship fraud please let us know so we can add it to the web-site. Use contact form on the POST NEW STORIES page.  Thank you.